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TruView 3D

TruView 3D - 3D Photography Software

Create amazing Cylindrical, Hemispherical and Full Spherical 3D product animations featuring smooth click-and-drag mouse control, image tagging, deep zoom from every angle and more.

Ortery TruView animations in HTML5 and Flash formats can be put into PowerPoint presentations, shared internally or viewed online. 

They are perfect for eCommerce as well as product development, quality control and general business communication.  


HTML5 animations can be viewed on all computers, cell phones and mobile devices.  By adding image tags, audio and hyperlinks, the product view becomes an interactive tool for best communicating product value.

  • "Truview 3D's full spherical animations communicate our products in ways we never thought possible"

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Ortery TruView animations improve online shopping and business communication!


1.  Create…
Create a sequence of images using one of Ortery’s PhotoCapture 360 turntables or 3D photography solutions. Third party equipment can also be used, but with Ortery equipment, image capture, editing and composing can be automated. 


2.  Import…
Import a sequence of 360-degree, Hemispherical or Spherical JPG images. TruView supports the following formats

  • 360 - up to 240 images in a single 360 rotation
  • Hemispherical - 2 thru 10 rows with up to 24 pictures per row
  • Spherical - 4, 6, 8 and 10-row image sequences with up to 24 pictures per row


3.  Compose…
Create your masterpiece. Compose interactive product animations (Full Spherical, Hemispherical or Cylindrical) with the following features:

Photo-quality Animations

Ortery TruView 3D offers rich, high-resolution images that download fast and communicate clearly.


Click-and-Drag Mouse Control
TruView 3D animations feature 6 degrees of freedom.  In addition to button control, they also offer the best mouse control available. Not only can users click-and-drag the object left, right, up and down, they can also drag diagonally and in circles to see an object from any angle. Zoom and pan capabilities are also available. The more pictures... the smoother the animation.



Deep Zoom
Rotate to any angle then scroll your mouse to zoom. Clear, deep zooming leaves no question unanswered. The higher the resolution… the deeper the zoom.


In addition to deep zoom, a magnifier can also be used to highlight product details.

Image Tagging
Paste text, drawings, borders on any frame. Image Tags are used to visually enhance animations to highlight specific features and tell a story.  They are easy to create and can be automatically played in sequence to deliver information in a concise, impactful manner.      


Create Interactive, Multimedia Product Demonstrations
In addition to Image Tagging and Deep Zoom, Audio Clips and Hyperlinks (to websites and detailed sub-animations) can also be added to individual frames. TruView offers several  ways to construct and deliver valuable information to the viewer.  



Customizable Interface
We understand that controlling the look and feel of your own animations is extremely important.  While each animation can have the same look and feel, Ortery TruView also offers the flexibility to customize almost everything related to an animation, including: color scheme, animation size, animation perspective, image size, available features, button shape, button size, zoom depth, borders and more. In fact you can even import buttons, pictures and text created in other programs.


Batch Image Composing
Speed everything up by composing images in a batch process.


4. Share!

HTML5 and Flash animations created with Ortery TruView 3D can be easily hosted and distributed from any website. They can also be viewed locally or shared through a network.HTML5 animations can be viewed on all computers, cell phones and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Optimized Download & Delivery
TruView animations download extremely fast. An animation with 240 images inside can load on a computer or mobile device in just a couple seconds.

  • The program outputs a self-contained folder with everything needed inside
  • Works on all platforms - Mac, Windows and more
  • Works on all browsers – Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and more
  • Auto resizing on the fly to fit animations on different device screens
  • Works with gesture controls on mobile devices

Profiling Efficiencies
Once an animation is created, it can be delivered to different destinations and displayed with different characteristics depending on the associated profile.  For example, the animation displayed on a cellular device may be different than the one displayed on the full website. In this case, TruView is smart enough to use the same images twice. Profiles also increase animation composing speed.  

How It Works:

Create 360-degree, Hemispherical and Full Spherical Product Views in HTML5 or Flash

1.  Capture image sequences with an Ortery product* or some other device.

2.  Load the image sequence into the TruView software.

  360 Sequences: Up to 200 Pictures per 360
  Hemispherical Sequences Up to 24 Pictures per Row, Up to 10 Rows
  3D Spherical Sequences Up to 24 Pictures per Row, Up to 5 Rows per Hemisphere

3.  Choose the Output Option and a Destination folder

4.  Compose the Animation

5.  Deploy the Animation on a website, internally or send it to interested parties by email


* By using an Ortery product to create the image sequences, the images are properly named and handed off to the TruView software creating a seamless workflow. TruView comes bundled with many Ortery products.   






Remove eCommerce Viewing Limitations
There is only one chance to make a first impression and consumers have started to expect rich media on eCommerce sites.

Ortery TruView 3D:

  • Combines the latest technologies to remove all online viewing limitations
  • Offers an interactive experience that gives the viewer a perspective and understanding that static product shots and web text cannot provide


Making Virtual Better than Real
In eCommerce, product shots make or break the site and the sale. With Ortery TruView the products are brought to life!

Customers can interact with the products to see them from any angle, zoom in to see the details and even sit back and watch a product tour complete with hyperlinks, audio and image tags to highlight and guide the viewer through the most important features. In a sense, it’s like having a salesman there to present the product and even place it in the customer’s hand.


Business Communication

Stop Sending Samples!
Product animations can help companies save money and communicate more efficiently. In product design and development, almost everything can be communicated with a TruView 3D animation.

Benefits of communicating with TruView 3D:

  • 3D product animations are digital
  • 3D product animations are easy to share online
  • 3D product animations are faster and cheaper to distribute than physical samples
  • 360 animations can be annotated and zoomed for communicating the details
  • 3D product animations can be simultaneously sent to multiple locations
  • 3D product animations speed up product development, manufacturing and quality control collaborations
  • 3D product animations are easy to archive
  • 3D product animations can be used inside of PowerPoint demonstrations

Ortery TruView offers your business a more efficient way to collect, share and store information.


  • Create 360, Hemispherical and full spherical product animations in HTML5 and Flash
  • Interactive product animations communicate more effectively than still images and text
  • Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction
  • Gain efficiencies through enhanced visual comunication
  • TruView animations Feature:
    • High resolution, photographic image quality
    • Smooth click-and-drag mouse control in any direction
    • Image Tagging, Audio and Hyperlinks
    • Fully customizable interface
    • Fast download times
    • Magnifier
  • Add Audio, Hyperlinks and Image Tags to HTML5 animations to create stunning, interactive product demostrations
  • Ortery TruView animations can be easily shared online, locally or over a network
  • HTML5 animations can be viewed on any computer or mobile device
  • Profiling Capabilities for maximum workflow efficiency
  • Batch Image Composing
  • Easy integration on any website
  • Optimized file structure for amazingly fast downloads
  • No hosting or usage fees- pay once and create an unlimited amount of product animations
  • Free technical support; one-year free-software upgrades

Software Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 (latest Service Packs) and Windows 10 compatibility (Administrator Account for all Windows OS)

CPU: Intel CoreTM 2 Duo E6600 (2.2 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X 25000 + (2.6GHz) or better

RAM: 4 GB VGA: Min. 1024 x 768, True color

Internet connection with active email account (optional) 

Min. 2 USB Ports

CD / DVD ROM drive