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Flat-lay Clothing Photography Made Simple

Automate flat-lay clothing photography with a ClothingPad to save time and money with every product you shoot Software controls the camera, lights and entire photography workflow making it easy to shoot 100’s of garments per day with accurate color and consistent results. Expect professional results shot on a pure white or transparent background. The system can automatically knock out the background during photography to eliminate expensive and time consuming editing in post. Attach and control multiple cameras capture complete garments and all details. Output RAW, PNG, TIFF, MASK, WebP, JPG, MOV and MP4 files. Add related accessories to further increase speed, capture types and output formats.

  • Dimensions

    80.3 x 110 x 97"

  • Weight

    918.6 lbs.

  • Light Quality

    CRI: 95+ COLOR TEMP: 5700K LED LIFE: 50,000 HOURS

  • Max Object Size

    TOP SHOTS: 67 x 41"

Flat-lay Clothing Photography Table

Featuring a 74” x 48” bottom-lit shooting area, four professional surround lights and product photography software, the Ortery ClothingPad works in conjunction with a compatible camera to simplify and automate picture taking, batch image processing, editing and saving. Simply place garments or products on the table then use the software to compose, take, edit and save your photos. Inside this flat-lay clothing photography system, best settings for camera, lighting, capture, editing and saving can be memorized and reused as profiles to automate the entire photography process for future product shots.


System Benefits

  • Simplify and Accelerate Flat-lay Clothing and Fashion Accessory Photography
  • Let Automation Help You Save Money and Time with Each Photo Taken
  • Eliminate Almost All Editing
  • Color Accurate Results
  • Shoot 100’s of Products per Day
  • Increase Output Consistency
  • Anyone Can be Trained to Use It
  • Multiple Camera Control. Quickly Capture the Full Garment and All the Design Details
  • Adjustable Table Height. Always Ergonomically Correct
  • Four 27 x 18.5″ (68.6 x 47cm ) Surround Lights Can Tilt and Adjust Up and Down
  • Camera Arm and Canopy are Adjustable Up and Down to Fit any Room
  • Roll System Into Place, then Use Legs to Level
  • The Double Sided (Black/Gray) Canopy Blocks Contaminate Light

See how BHFO (eBay’s largest apparel seller) uses this product everyday…

Ortery apparel photography solutions make clothing product shots on a pure white background easy for eCommerce and Amazon sellers.

Main Features

  • Provides Large Real-Time Preview of What is in Front of the Camera on Your Monitor
  • Advanced LED Lighting Control
    • Use LiveLight Feature to Find Shoot Products in the Best Light
      • Drag Icon on Live Preview to Change the Intensity of All 4 Surround Lights
    • Incrementally Dim One or Several Lights Simultaneously
    • Adjust Intensity of Bottom-Lit Shooting Area
  • AutoMask Feature – Take Product Shots in PNG Format with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Batch Saving – Create and Re-use Custom Saving Profiles. Automatically Save Images for Multi-Channel Use with One Click
  • Batch Editing – Apply Preset Editing Actions While Saving (Levels, Curves, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Auto White Balance, Hue, Saturation and Brightness, and More)
  • Save and Reuse Optimized Camera and Light Settings
  • The AfterImage Feature Can Ensure:
    • Product Placement Consistency
    • Product Flip Consistency
  • Direct Image Export – Take Photos and Automatically Save Them or Send Them to Another Application
  • While Saving, Use FTP or sFTP Technology to Send Captured Photos to a Where You Need Them
  • Save Photos to – Ortery’s Integrated (Optional) Cloud Hosting and Content Sharing Platform


LiveZoom for ClothingPad

No need to reach up and twist the lens to zoom. Just add LiveZoom and let the Ortery Capture software control the zooming on your dSLR camera. LiveZoom is:

  1. Hands free and extremely convenient
  2. Stops lens creep
  3. Increases photo consistency
  4. Can repeatedly zoom to the same location, automatically


Multi-Camera Control

Connect and use more than one camera to optimize your shooting workflow. By attaching two top shot cameras, one can be used to shoot full sized garments and the other set for close up photography to capture the details. Shot sequences can be set up to efficiently assist users in capturing the shots at the necessary zoom and angles. Add a LiveZoom for even more control.

By connecting a side shot camera, the user is free to consistently capture products from almost any angle. The flexibility is unmatched.

Related Accessories

The Vertical Kit
A Vertical Kit (sold separate) is used to stand the table on end. The lights are reconfigured to enable model and mannequin photography.

ClothingPad Combo
Turn your flat-lay clothing photography system into an integrated 360 photography system (ClothingPad Combo) by adding a bottom-lit turntable and LED back light. Large enough for all your clothes and fashion accessories, this system is easy to use and extends your capture options to professional side shots, 360 product views, 360 video and image sequencing (repeatedly automating the capture of the same X angles).

LiveStudio Lighting and a 360 Turntable
Cover your whole line. In addition to the ClothingPad, create a separate space to for shooting on model or mannequin. Add a turntable to start creating 360 product views of all your clothing and fashion accessories.

Check it
“Even if the ClothingPad only shot clothing, it would be worth every penny. ”

James Mabrey


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.