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3D PhotoBench 280

Take Product Shots and 360 Photos on Pure White Backgrounds

Take professional photos, 360 product views and capture 360 video on pure white and transparent backgrounds for immediate use on Amazon, eCommerce websites or any print application. Simply place an object inside, then use Ortery’s photography software and a compatible camera to compose, capture and view images in real-time. The system features dimmable LED light control and a motorized, transparent 360 photography turntable for creating still and 360 product views on pure white and transparent backgrounds. Easily capture 100s of products per day with unlimited product display options.

  • Dimensions

    45.3 x 39.4 x 48.4”

  • Max Object Weight

    70 Lbs.

  • Item Size

    Top Shots: 29.5 x 29.5”
    Side Shots: 29.5 x 29.5 x 33.5”
    360 Shots: 22.25” x 22.25” x 33.5

  • Light Quality

    CRI: 95+
    COLOR TEMP: 5700K
    LED LIFE: 50,000 HOURS

The Right Hardware

  • Embedded 360 turntable – Patented, bottom lit, edge-driven and transparent
  • Advanced lighting control
    • Large dynamic range
    • Fine dimming control from the front left, front right, bottom, back and top
    • Repeatable and consistent
  • High color accuracy
  • Fast 360 image capture
  • Takes top and side shots
  • Side door for easy product placement
  • Wheels to roll and legs to level

Benefits and Use

Hardware and software work together to simplify and automate product photography

  • Maximize photography output
    • Reuse best settings to automate photography
    • Simultaneously save images for omni channel use
    • Create workflows for consistent capture at specific angles
  • Maximizes your product display options
    • Create professional photos, 360 product views and videos
    • Take product shots on pure white backgrounds
    • Take pictures on transparent backgrounds. Replace background with a specific color, image or natural shadow
    • Take lifestyle shots and videos
  • What you see is what you get image capture
  • Reduce / eliminate image editing
  • Simple to learn and use

Work Smarter

Ortery product photography software controls the lights, camera, turntable and entire product photography workflow. Simply place a product inside, watch the real-time preview change as camera and light settings are adjusted to compose the picture. Click Snap to take a picture or initiate a 360, video or custom capture sequence.

  • Use the AfterImage feature for consistent product placement
  • Intuitive batch editing, processing and saving
  • Save and reuse best camera, turntable and light settings
  • Output JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files

The Repeatable Kit

When it comes to capturing product photos with uniform accuracy and consistency, the Ortery Repeatable Kit is a vital tool that was designed specifically for dramatically improving workflow and efficiency. The 6 piece kit is conveniently equipped with adjustable height and distance markers – a feature that provides users with the ability to easily lock-in and log the exact positioning of their camera’s setup.



DualView 600

DualView 600 is an optional upgrade for 3D product photography where products can be captured and displayed using two cameras instead of just one. This opens the door to capturing and displaying various combinations of angles and product configurations. DualView 3D photography provides all the same benefits as normal 360 product photography but with little extra time and equipment, it allows online consumers to see and experience a lot more.

Glassware Kit

The Glassware Kit module and hardware now supports taller products. It gives users the ability to take pictures of bottles and glassware on a pure white or transparent background while maintaining the correct level of transparency through the glass. Easily swap backgrounds to reflect your brand’s aesthetic.

Create Interactive
360 Product Views

The entire 360 creation workflow - simplified and automated

This bottom lit turntable and dimmable lighting environment take all the work out of creating amazing stills, 360 degree product views ad videos. The pictures come out great, automatically. Whether its for increasing communication, conversions or likes, any employee, regardless of experience, will be able to create web-ready 360 animations and interactive videos in minutes. The included 360 stitching software offers 1,000s of ways to present your products more effectively. Save your results directly to the cloud for immediate use and sharing.

“Ortery met all our requirements. Their products are well built, their support is excellent, their product line handles still, 360, and 3D images, and their customers are happy with how easy their products are to use. Other solutions on the market simply did not stack up. A combined Visual SKUs / Ortery solution is exactly what businesses need.”

Claudio Di Sano

President of Visual SKUs


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.