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Jewelry Photography Solutions that Automate Image Capture

Ortery manufactures professional still, 3D and 360 jewelry photography equipment where software controls every step in the process. Best camera, lighting, editing and 360 turntable settings can be reused to increase photography speed and consistency. Jewelers use our light boxes and photography turntable equipment in house to take professional focus stacked images and to create interactive 360s, videos and 3D animations of rings, hanging necklaces, loose diamonds, gemstones, bracelets, watches and more.

Jewelry Photography, Smarter.

get your jewelry products online and in shopper’s carts, fast.

Aside from your design, you’re judged solely on the belief that the quality of the photographs depicting the jewelry on your site is accurate and that “The picture does the product justice”.

For jewelry stores and eCommerce shops with little or no photography experience, our modern jewelry photography solutions make taking professional shots of jewelry – necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, loose diamonds and more – a reality.


With Image Capture and Product Display Options for Still, 360 and 3D, Ortery Gives You the Flexibility to Let Your Jewelry Stand Out.

Software Controlled Jewelry Photography

Our integrated photography equipment and software help small to large jewelry businesses streamline their photography workflow. Users can take 100's to 1000's of professional product shots per day with exceptional quality and consistency - inhouse - then utilize them for any application including: eCommerce, product development, quality control, social media, catalogs and more.


We Know Jewelry Photography

Ortery pioneered photography automation in the jewelry industry. Working with professional jewelers, jewelry designers, eCommerce stores and appraisers, Ortery has created software enhancements that help merchandise your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.

Still, 360 and 3D Jewlery Photography Solutions for Jewelry & Loose Stones 

Ortery’s full line of jewelry light boxes, 360 turntables and 3D solutions give beginners and professionals the ability to work smarter and faster. From loose diamonds and gemstones to any type of fine or costume jewelry they cover it all.

3D PhotoBench 80

Jewelry Photography

Size: 20.8 x 16.8 x 23.4"
For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 10"

3D PhotoBench 80 air

Jewelry & Loose Stone Photography

Size: 27.6" x 14" x 29.5”
For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 8.7”

3D PhotoBench Air

Loose Stone Photography

Size: 20.8 x 16.8 x 23.4”
For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 5”

2D PhotoBench 100

Still Jewelry Photography

Size: 23.6" x 23.6" x 23.2"
For Items:<14.6" x 13.8" x 13.4"

PhotoCapture 360 Jewelry

360 Hanging Jewelry Photography

Size: 20.8 x 16.8 x 23.4"
For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 10"

3D MultiArm 1000

Creates Interactive 3D Jewelry Views

For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 10"

3D Rail 

Creates Interactive 3D Jewelry Views

For Items: <10.2 x 10.2 x 10"

Important Features for Jewelry Photography

  • Exceptional LED Lighting Control from Multiple Angles
  • Incremental Dimming, 5700K, 95+ CRI, 50,000 Hour Lifetime
  • Computer Controlled Photography
  • Maximum Photography Speed and Consistency
  • Take Professional Photos with Reflection Control
  • Create 3D and 360 degree Jewelry Views & Videos
  • Color Temperature Control
  • Automatic Still and 360 Focus Stacking
  • Memorize and Re-use Best Settings
  • Extensive Training - Professional Support
  • Sparkle Lights - Create Jewelry Photos that Sparkle
  • Shoot on Pure White, Transparent and Lifestyle Backgrounds
  • Fine Focus Control for Macro Photography
  • Spot Color Enhancement
  • Batch Photo Editing, Processing and Saving
  • QuickShot Mode
  • Multiple Camera Custom Defined Capture Sequences
  • Integrated SAASPhoto ‘Save to the Cloud’ feature (optional)
  • Create Photography Workflows & SOPs
  • Easy to Use – No Experience Necessary
Ortery Photobench 80 is a 360 jewelry photography solution with software controlled LED lighting and turntable for taking jewelry product photos on a pure-white or transparent background.

Jewelry Photography for eCommerce

EASILY Shoot Jewelry on Pure White BACKGROUND

  • This all-in-one jewelry photography studio features a built-in transparent turntable and dimmable LED lighting (from all 6 sides) to make creating professional still shots, 360 product views and product videos simple and efficient.
  • Automatically knock out backgrounds during the photography process.

360 Jewelry Photography


Capture your designs in their best light and give your customers the satisfaction of seeing the entire product from all angles. Our studios are designed with jewelry in mind and provide the best lighting and reflection control for 360 jewelry photography. Take advantage of the 360 turntable to extend your users viewing capabilities.

Create Your Own Jewelry Videos


In the jewelry industry, more and more companies are using product videos to communicate the value of their products. Videos provide a smooth, clear product view. Ortery equipment and software work together to make them easy to create and deploy.

Make Rings Stand Up for Photography

Sick of using tack, glue and double-sided tape to hold rings up?

Ortery's ring standing kit uses air and suction to hold rings up for still and 360 photography, allowing you to efficiently capture all the angles you need while reducing setup time and editing costs.

It also helps center rings for 360 photography.

Loose Diamond & Gemstone Photography

Ortery jewelry and loose diamond photography Lightbox allows for preset lighting capabilities to showcase Fire, Brilliance, and Sparkle
  • Fire, Brilliance and Sparkle
    Easily capture the fire, brilliance and sparkle of a loose diamond with our 3D PhotoBench Air and 80 Air solutions. Macro photography techniques and lighting are used to capture photographs and 360 degree diamond views which can be automatically saved to the cloud for sharing and hosting. Customers and appraisers can click between the views and with interactive deep zoom they can quickly ascertain the unique characteristics of each diamond.
  • Hearts and Arrows
    One way to show the value of a loose diamond is to show its Hearts and Arrows. The PhotoBench 80 Air and PhotoBench Air can both be used to capture this facet of a diamonds character.

360 Photos of Hanging Necklaces and Earrings

Some jewelry looks best hanging naturally. Taking hanging still shots is easy but creating good 360 degree product views is very difficult due to the vibration and product swing created by 360 rotation.  Ortery’s hanging 360 Jewelry turntable was specifically designed to eliminate these problems and deliver exceptional 360 jewelry photography of hanging pendants, necklaces, earrings and more. Software automates and controls the entire process.

3D Jewelry Photography

3D Jewelry Photos provide a way for your customers to virtually view and experience your jewelry from every angle. It includes all the sparkle, pizzazz and details a potential customer needs to quickly make an online purchase decision with confidence.

Why Choose Ortery?

  • We offer professional, inhouse jewelry photography solutions for each and every type of jewelry
  • Our all-in-one jewelry photography systems are easy to use and offer new opportunities for unique product display
  • Professional lighting and photography workflows control, simplify and accelerate the entire jewelry photography workflow.
  • Our systems use profiles to memorize the best photography (lighting & camera), editing and saving settings for increased efficiency and for keeping critical jewelry photogarphy knowledge in house
  • Unequaled customer training and support

Stand Out Above the Rest by Making Your Jewelry Photography Your Competitive Advantage

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