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How to Make Amazon Product Photography Fast and Easy

Amazon Product Photography Solutions for Sellers and Vendors

We manufacture DIY product photography solutions that help Amazon sellers and vendors take pictures, videos and 360 degree product views on pure white backgrounds that meet all Amazon requirements. Software automates the entire process, saving you time and money while taking 100’s to 1000’s of pictures per day.

DIY Product Photos for Your Amazon Store

Make Product Images Your Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that great product images play a critical role in making online sales. Invest in a solution and photography workflow that ensures your product images will look better and be easier and faster to create. This competitive advantage will pay for itself repeatedly. 

Amazon’s recent decisions to allow vendors to include video and 360 product views in their listings further confirms that the more you help potential customers visually understand your products, the more likely conversion rates will increase.


Software Controlled Product Photography

A demonstrations of how Ortery product photography hardware and software works together to make Amazon photography easy.

Our Amazon product photography solutions use software to integrate and control a connected compatible camera, LED lights and an optional 360 turntable to take the best images and videos from every angle.  A computer is used to preview, take and automatically prepare the images for your Amazon listing.  The final result is:  you will spend less time to create better pictures that meet all Amazon image requirements.  


    • I’m struggling to take pictures that meet the Amazon requirements
    • I’m already selling on Amazon, but need a faster way to take pictures
    • I want to create 360 degree product views for my Amazon listings
    • I want to shoot videos for my Amazon listings

      Increase Amazon Sales with Better Pictures

      • Solutions for products big and small
      • Perfect for employees of any skill level - Free training
      • Professional, dimmable LED lighting for accurate color
      • Software controlled photography workflow
      • Pure white background results
      • Batch editing, saving and annotation tools
      • Consistent product placement and capture
      • Eliminate time spent editing
      • Create professional still, video and 360 product views
      • Re-use your best settings to increase photography speed

      Avoid getting images red flagged by Amazon. Not only is the listing down and not making you money, you have to go back and spend time creating new pictures. Even after the new image is submitted, the listing will be suppressed for hours. All of this can be avoided.


      Always Use Product Images that Meet the Amazon Requirements


      Automatically Take Pictures from the Same Fixed Angles

      Create Image Capture Sequences

      Many Amazon sellers photograph their products from the same fixed angles (front, back, left, right and top) over and over again.  Regardless of how many angles, this type of photography can be automated.

      With an Amazon product photography solution from Ortery, users can program the software to automatically capture images at specific angles. The settings can be saved and re-used to increase capture speed and image consistency.  All images are on pure white backgrounds and automatically prepared for immediate publication in an Amazon listing.

      Create 360 Product Views for Amazon

      Amazon recently started allowing vendors to place 360 degree product views in their listings. Displaying products in 360 format generates more interest and invites potential customers to spin and interact with a product from all angles, which typically leads to increased trust and sales.

      Ortery offers several bottom lit 360 turntables and lighting solutions that automate 360 degree image capture on pure white.  Most importantly, they generate 360 photos that meet Amazon’s requirements.

      Video Solutions for Amazon Listings

      Put Videos to work and increase sales 

      Place videos inside your Amazon listings.  Whether its a product information video, 360 video or lifestyle video, the more info you can give potential customers the better.

      All Ortery equipment and software come with the ability to repeatedly capture, edit and save videos for use on Amazon. Save your time and money by simplifying and automating the entire process.


      Schedule a demo

      Our Amazon product photography solutions can help you increase photography speed, quality and consistency.  In addition, they open the door to automated 360 product photography and video capture.

      Let us show you how easy taking photos and videos for Amazon listings can be.