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In 2001, PC Lai set out to design and bring to market a product photography solution that would allow anyone to easily capture high-quality photos for use in any industry or application. Two decades later the photography automation industry he pioneered is growing faster than ever and Ortery is at the forefront of photography innovation and automation.

Ortery develops, manufactures, and sells photography automation equipment, software and integrated solutions that simplify and accelerate digital content creation.

Laying a Foundation

Before Ortery began, Mr. PC Lai was the CEO and founder of WayTech Development, Inc. WayTech, among other things, was a specialist in color management, ICC color profiles and their application to deliver color consistency on and across hardware devices. During the dot com boom, WayTech’s method for measuring and storing a monitor’s color characteristics on the manufacturing line as an ICC profile was adopted as a worldwide standard by VESA (Video Electronic Standard Association) endorsed by WayTech’s Sam Shearer and representatives from other prominent IT companies such as IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, etc. on January 6th, 2003. The technology was a key step in a monitor’s ability to express color accurately and was later applied to deliver a color accurate eCommerce shopping experience where consumers using a Compaq monitor and related website code could shop online with confidence.

The Photography Automation Industry was Created

In 2001, Mr. Lai forecasted that the ability to generate a professional, color accurate photo from an easy-to-use Office Photo Machine (OPM) would be highly appreciated by all users. Mr. Kenichi Takahashi, Division General Manager of Digital Equipment, Product Division of Ricoh Co., Ltd. in Japan and consultant to WayTech Japan, contacted his counterpart at Canon and received the world's first Canon camera SDK. Immediately, Mr. Lai led four engineers at WayTech Development to begin building and patenting the world’s first PC-controlled photography studio - The Coloreal eBox.

In 2002, Mr. Lai resigned as CEO of WayTech Development to work full time on photography automation to become the pioneer of the modern-day photography automation industry.

In February 2003, Ortery USA was formally established. In March 2003, Ortery Taiwan was formally established.


The Benefit of Streamlining Photography Workflows

Launched at the 2003 Seybold show in San Francisco working with a 4 mega-pixel Canon G3 camera, the Coloreal eBox was the first product of its kind and was at the forefront of photography innovation by integrating color management, remote capture photography software and a desktop product photography studio to standardize and simplify the product photography workflow.

Coloreal eBox was quickly rebranded as the Photosimile 200 and the US sales channel grew as companies like B&H Photo took notice.

In 2004, Ortery Taiwan signed its first European distributor - EME Digital, out of the UK. Later, they were followed by Kleber Technologies who became KLEBERTECH SAS, then Sysnext in 2006 who in 2008 started selling Ortery products under the PACKSHOT-CREATOR or PACKSHOT brands.

At that time, the Photosimile 200 was a very successful product. With no competition or copycats, over 5000 units were sold worldwide.


Photosimile 5000

In 2006, Ortery launched the PhotoCapture 360 line of computer-controlled photography turntables. PhotoCapture 360 was an instant success as it provided businesses with an easy way to create and distribute interactive 360-degree product views.  eCcommerce companies used them to increase customer satisfaction and online shopping conversion rates while other companies found them invaluable for product development and quality control.

In 2008, Ortery launched the widely acclaimed Photosimile 5000 – ‘The world’s first office photography machine’. This fully integrated solution could automate still, 360 and 3D (hemispherical and full spherical) photography. Even today, the patented design where the camera automatically travels along a rail inside the studio is still ahead of its time.

3D PhotoBench 260

Photography automation and workflow optimization are what drive Ortery’s creative process. Based on industry trends and customer feedback, in 2012 Ortery launched its PhotoBench Series. These products represented years of research and were / are protected by several worldwide patents. Due to the patented turntable design which drives a transparent, bottom-lit turntable from the edge, they allowed anyone (regardless of experience) to take professional photos, 360 degree and 3D product views on a pure white background. The timing was right. Shortly after the launch, raised the bar for eCommerce photography making pure white backgrounds the internet standard.

product photography automation

3D PhotoBench 280

The latest iteration of the PhotoBench series, the 3D PhotoBench 280, was launched in 2018 and features a breakthrough feature named AutoMask that is capable of automatically removing backgrounds from captured images during the photography process, not by editing in post. In addition, it features a stronger, faster motor and offers a 40% larger shooting space while maintaining the same exterior footprint. The AutoMask feature was rolled out to almost all Ortery products allowing customer to quickly create still, 360 degree and 3D product views on transparent, with the mask being saved separate or as part of the PNG, TIFF or PSD file being saved.

SAAS Photo

In 2018 Ortery also launched, an image hosting and sharing platform. SAAS Photo is available as a saving option in every Ortery product, allowing Ortery customers to save images, 360 / 3D product views and videos directly to the cloud for immediate use. SAAS Photo is a strategic tool that plays a large role in how Ortery works with different types of customers.


Office Photo Machine

Like a copy machine, the OPM is simple to use. With a push of a button, and again featuring several patents, users can take professional photos, interactive 360/3D product views, and flyover videos then easily share created content locally, on a network, or in the cloud.

Using a touch screen interface, software controls the entire process. Just place an item inside and select a preset capture style or create your own. Pressing Snap sends the system into action. With 4-axis control, the camera can tilt, zoom, and fly over objects as they spin on the embedded turntable. Use the OPM to create content for any application and let your pictures do the talking.

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