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The idea for software-driven product photography workflows and equipment arose after a simple observation from founder P.C. Lai. Existing photography solutions for business communication were inefficient, inconsistent, expensive and required considerable knowledge about cameras and lighting to achieve desired results. In 2002, Ortery Technologies set out to design and bring to market a solution that would allow anyone to efficiently capture high-quality results that could immediately be put to use for any application.

Photography Workflows

A year later the Coloreal eBox (later branded the Photosimile 200) was born. Coloreal eBox was the first product of its kind and was at the forefront of photography innovation by integrating remote capture and image processing software with a desktop product photography studio to standardize and simplify the product photography workflow. Coloreal eBox paved the way for the underlying product concept designed into all Ortery’s equipment today.

Since the introduction of the Coloreal eBox and the complete Photosimile Series, Ortery went on to coin the term ‘business photography machine’ and further strengthen the concepts of ‘business photography’ and ‘visual communication’.

product photography automation

Photosimile 5000

In 2006, Ortery launched the PhotoCapture 360 line of computer-controlled photography turntables. PhotoCapture 360 was an instant success as it provided businesses with an easy way to create and distribute interactive 360-degree product views.

eCcommerce companies used them to increase customer satisfaction and online shopping conversion rates while other companies found them invaluable for product development and quality control. In 2008, Ortery launched the widely acclaimed Photosimile 5000 – ‘The world’s first office photography machine’. This fully integrated solution is capable of automating still, 360 and 3D (hemispherical and full spherical) photography. Even today, the patented design where the camera automatically travels along a rail inside the studio is still ahead of its time.

3D PhotoBench 260

Photography automation and workflow optimization are what drive Ortery’s creative process. Regardless if it's for creating still, 360 and 3D product photography, patented innovations that allow companies to simplify product photography while saving time and producing better photos have been developed and applied to all of Ortery’s products spanning five product lines.

Based on industry trends and customer feedback, in 2012 Ortery launched the PhotoBench Series. These products represent years of research and are protected by several worldwide patents, as they do one thing that’s never been done before – they allow anyone (regardless of experience) to take professional pictures and 360 animations that have a pure white background. Captured images do not require editing and can immediately be used in any web and print application.

product photography automation

3D PhotoBench 280

The current iteration of the PhotoBench series, the 3D PhotoBench 280 launched in 2018. It was optimized for AutoMask, Ortery's proprietary process for automatic background removal. With a motor 3-times more powerful than the pervious generation and by moving the turntable motor to the floor of the studio, the available area of shooting space was increased to almost twice as much as before.

This bottom-lit turntable and dimmable lighting environment take all the work out of creating amazing stills, 360 degree product views and videos. The pictures come out great, automatically. Whether its for increasing communication, any employee, regardless of experience, will be able to create web-ready 360 animations and interactive videos in minutes.

Office Photo Machine

Even before establishing the product photography automation industry over 21 years ago, the idea of building an office tool that anyone could use to photograph products for business communication was on our mind.

Like a copy machine, the OPM is simple to use. With a push of a button and featuring several patents, users can take professional photos, interactive 360/3D product views, and flyover videos. Easily share content locally, on a network, or in the cloud.

Using a touch screen interface, software controls the entire process. Just place an item inside and select a preset capture style or create your own. Pressing Snap sends the system into action. With 4-axis control, the camera can tilt, zoom, and fly over objects as they spin on the embedded turntable. Use the OPM to create content for any application and let your pictures do the talking.

OPM_TightCrop_Drawer_Closed_Square_Shoe_Screen copy

The Best, Guaranteed

Ortery is committed to continual innovation and introduction of new technologies that help companies communicate more effectively and efficiently. We will strive to provide our customers with the best product photography solutions available.






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