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3D PhotoBench 80

Fine Jewelry Photography Light Box with 360 Turntable

Make your jewelry sparkle and bring it to life. Create professional photos and 360 degree views of fine jewelry for immediate use in eCommerce and print. Each feature of this fine jewelry photography light box and 360 turntable are controlled with Ortery’s photography software. Accelerate, simplify and take better jewelry pictures with advanced light control, focus stacking and other jewelry specific features.

Jewelry photography doesn't have to be hard!

  • Dimensions

    20.8 x 16.8 x 23.4" (53 x 43 x 60 cm)

  • Weight

    83.8 lbs. (38 kg)

  • Item Size

    Top Shots: 10.2 x 10.2”
    Side Shots: 10.2 x 10.2 x 10”
    360 Shots: 6.25 x 6.25 x 8.875 “

Fine Jewelry Photo Light Box

  • Featuring:
    • Dimmable LED lighting
    • Variable Color Temp (3000K to 5700K)
    • 50,000 hour lifespan
    • 95+ CRI
    • 11,400 Lumens
  • 7.9” Transparent 360 Turntable (3 lbs. Capacity)
    • Capture video or up to 1024 stills per 360 rotation
    • Automate picture taking from multiple angles
  • Advanced lighting control
    • Large dimmable dynamic range
    • Incremental dimming from all 6 sides
    • Utilizes banks and strips of small LED lights for uniform lighting results
    • Comes with a 6000K sparkle light
  • High color accuracy
  • Smart design
    • Easy access to the shooting area
    • Maximum reflection control
    • Bottom and back lit background sweep
    • Takes top and side shots
    • Front, top and side doors for easy product placement
    • Stable, level system with no vibration
    • The right size for shooting with fixed macro lenses


Benefits and Industry Use

Lighting and reflection control are keys to take great pictures of jewelry.

Our customers like our jewelry photography solutions because they are simple to use and quickly produce usable results

  • Excellent lighting control simplify jewelry photography
  • Real time preview, see the result before you even take the picture
  • Photography software accelerates and automates jewelry photography
  • Takes web-ready pictures with pure white backgrounds
  • Automatic batch editing, processing and saving
  • Hardware and software work together to optimize jewelry photography
  • Creates lifestyle “Try On” videos
  • Repeatable and consistent results
  • Adjustable color temperature yields great results for all colors of jewelry
  • Great for websites, creating advertisements, social media blasts and more
  • Perfect for shooting photos and 360 views of ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, pendant, watch and other types of jewelry


Fine Jewelry Photography Software

  • Simple. Simple. Simple. Jewelry photography does not have to be hard or time consuming
  • Integrated hardware and software automate jewelry photography
  • Create side and top shots with pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Create 360 degree jewelry views on pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Simply place an object inside, use the software to adjust camera settings and compose the image on your monitor screen. Click Snap. The picture immediately appears on your monitor for batch editing, processing and saving
  • Save and reuse your best camera, light and saving settings
  • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files
  • The AfterImage feature ensures increased image consistency
  • The Focus Stacking feature makes sure everything is in perfect focus
  • Makes individual colors pop

Other Software Features


The 3D Rail


To take amazing 360 product views and videos of jewelry, the lighting environment must be right… not from just from one angle, but from them all. When jewelry spins it sparkles. When it sparkles, it sells.

Add a 3D Rail and start capturing interactive 3D images for your jewelry today!

“Ortery met all our requirements. Their products are well built, their support is excellent, their product line handles still, 360, and 3D images, and their customers are happy with how easy their products are to use. Other solutions on the market simply did not stack up. A combined Visual SKUs / Ortery solution is exactly what businesses need.”

Claudio DiSano

President of Visual SKUs


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.