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Product Video Automation

eCommerce product video production and publishing can be time-consuming and difficult, but Ortery has streamlined the entire process, so anyone can do it.

Create product videos in house for Amazon, websites and social media. Ortery lighting and video capture software makes it easy.

Sometimes product videos can tell your product's story the best.

Product Video Automation

If you are considering building a new website, how to get more out of your social media strategy or simply looking for a new way to display your products – give us a call.  Displaying products in video format is a growing trend, and why not? The Internet is getting faster, videos are easy to store, distribute and also offer a lot of product display flexibility.

Producing and editing video content can be time consuming and difficult

Create and publish your video content easily with Ortery

Ortery’s imaging solutions make creating and publishing video content easy. So easy, the processes of video capture, editing, saving and publishing can be automated. This gives companies more time to focus on the content and results.

Amazon Video Production

With video playing a larger role in product communication, Amazon took the lead and set the standard for displaying product and apparel videos online. Clean and white, these videos bring products to life.

360° Product Videos Move and Excite

These videos combine the best of two worlds – the pure white predictability of studio photography plus the benefit of 360-degree product display. These 360 degree product views give customers everything they need to quickly make a purchasing decision.

LifeStyle Product Videos

As of late, this unique product display has companies showing more information while setting a specific mood for their product display. These increase online sales through clear product communication and differentiation.

Interactive Product Videos

While videos simply play, this type of product display offers the smoothness and view-ability of a video coupled with interactivity. Users can click and drag the product to view it from any angle.  In addition, zoom and other features can be added to enhance the experience.  Interactive product videos are sticky and keep potential customers on the website longer while they play with product.

Interview and Audio Style Videos

While the full-on interview method could be used to talk about the benefits of your products, Ortery solutions also allow companies to easily place the item in a great lighting environment to create short video clips with audio.
Ortery offers free technical support for life with the purchase of its products

The sky's the limit

Ortery sells integrated product photography solutions (lighting, turntables and control software) for the creation of professional Still, 360, 3D and video output. Our solutions make it easy for companies, of all sizes and with employees of all skill levels, to create professional product views that bring more interest, keep people engaged, tell a better story, and increase sales. All Ortery solutions contain the ability to create a video. The sky is the limit.

Get interactive with your products

We provide all the tools you'll need to get up and running in no time.