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Automated Product Photography Solutions

Ortery has spent the past 20 years solving the most common photography problems. Whether or not you understand photography, we have you covered with solutions capable of automating your product photography.

Ortery product photography solutions example on pure white - Tumi Bag

Easily Shoot Your Products on a White Background

Ortery offers an extensive lineup of product photography Lightbox systems that offer bottom, top, side and backlighting which allow you to easily shoot products on a white background in a matter of seconds. This means no more blown-out, over-exposed images and certainly no more editing in Photoshop. The result is stress-free, professional quality product photos done in-house and ready for Amazon, Shopify, Magento or any online eCommerce platform requiring a pure-white background.

Automatic Background Removal or Replacement

For most products completely eliminate the need for manual background removal. Ortery Capture software offers four different types of background removal. Remove the background while capturing the image or do it after the shot. No hand clipping required. Background removal allows you to keep shadows or remove them. Add backgrounds back in or add an artificial drop shadow to your product.

Consistent Product Images

Features like AfterImage allow you to consistently line up your products the same way, even if you shot them months earlier. Software allows you to save out camera, lighting, editing, saving, crop and more settings to consistently recreate the scene. Our hardware features LED lighting rated at 95+ CRI for maximum results and are daylight balanced for color accuracy.

Increase Productivity with Photography Automation

Never set up lighting again. Our all-in-one Lightbox systems such as the PhotoBench 280 provide flexible lighting environments with up to eight sources of lighting control along with a built-in 360 turntable. Ortery staff is always available to help setup product specific lighting profiles that can be saved and reused by anyone. Since the entire system and camera functions are controlled by the Ortery software, you're able to automate your entire photography workflow. This not only includes fully customized lighting and specific angles , but batch editing and saving as well.

Ortery product photography lightbox - PhotoBench 280

No Photographer, or Photography Skills Needed

No problem. We design our studios to be simple enough for a typical employee, yet flexible enough for professional photographers to use and recommend. With all image capture being done with the click of the mouse, we can teach anyone our software workflow.

Pioneering Product Photography Innovation Since 2001

Ortery offers the most diverse and useful product line-up in the market. With over 25 hardware and software engineers on staff, Ortery is constantly thinking of new ways to simplify and automate product photography.

Let Your Product Photos Be Your Competetive Advantage

Whether you need still photography, 360 images, 3D or a custom solution, let us help.

Ortery offers free technical support for life with the purchase of its products

Fully Supported

We create our hardware, we develop our software and WE are going support you to make sure you photography workflow never gets put on hold.

Ortery Support Specialists (real humans who actually use the product) are available by phone during normal business hours. Have a unique photography problem? Ortery has been solving these for the last 18 years.

Your Next Picture Could be of Anything,
So We Created a Solution for Shooting Everything!