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Ortery offers a wide range of 3D photography equipment that allows users to efficiently create 3D product views in hemi-spherical and full spherical output. Ortery’s 3D photography equipment includes fully automated (3D MFP, 3D MultiArm Series and Photosimile 5000) and semi-automated (3D PhotoArm Series) solutions that control the important variables for making 3D product photography a success. All solutions integrate with software that supports automated image capture (compatible cameras), batch image editing and processing to ensure maximum workflow efficiencies and ease of use. Also included is TruView 3D image composition software that will allow users to compose individual JPG images into interactive 3D product views in either HTML5 or Flash output. View 3D product photography examples here.



Fully-Automated 3D Photography Solutions - The Fastest way to Create 3D Animations

3D Photography Studio
55.7 x 39.4 x 50.4''
Camera Positioning System
Still, 360, 3D Photography & Modeling
Includes TruView 3D

Multi-Camera 3D Solution
31.5 x 51 x  53”

Shooting Radius:  31.5”
Includes TruView 3D

Multi-Camera 3D Solution
83 x 33 x 73 / 92”
Shooting Radius: 47.25”
Includes TruView 3D

Multi-Camera 3D Solution
115 x 33 x 104 / 124”
Shooting Radius: 78.75”
Includes TruView 3D

3D Photography Studio
45 x 28.5 x 34.5”
Camera Positioning System
Still, 360 & 3D Photography
Includes TruView 3D

Semi-Automated 3D Photography Solutions - The Most Flexible 3D Photography Solution

Variable 3D Photography Arm
System: 30.1 x 26 x 15.2"
Vertical / Horizontal Arm: 61.8 / 30.1"
Min/Max. Shooting Distance: 1.8 - 48"
Max. Object Width: 48”
Includes TruView 3D

Variable 3D Photography Arm
System: 40.2" x 37.6" x 19.3"
Vertical / Horizontal Arm: 75.6" / 39"
Min/Max Shooting Distance: 14.5” - 70.8"
Max. Object Width: 60”
Incudes TruView 3D


TruView 3D Series - HTML5 Image Stitching Software

360/3D Image Stitching Software
Creates HTML5 product views with
deep zoom, image tagging, audio,
product tours and more





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