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3D PhotoArm 500

Software-Controlled Robotic Camera Arm for Jewelry Capture

Automate 3D video capture and jewelry product photography. Simplify your workflow and repeatedly take professional photos, 360 product views, and 3D flyover videos with precision and efficiency with the 3D PhotoArm 500. Fully compatible with the 3D PhotoBench 80, 80 Air, 360 Jewelry & PhotoCapture 360, go above and beyond to capture and express every angle and detail of your jewelry in professional style. Powerful servo motors deliver continuous 4-axis motion control with zero camera vibration or shake. Go deep or use presets to get what you need done using both Walk Up and Ortery Capture software. The compact design and 3D capabilities open the door to a whole new world of jewelry photography and video capture capabilities.

  • Dimensions

    40.1 x 33.8 x 63" / (102 x 86 x 160cm)

  • System Weight

    370lbs (168kg)

  • Shooting Radius


Hardware – Designed for Automation

  • Robotic 4-Axis Motorized Movement Control
    • Software controls Arm Height, Camera Position and Zoom
    • 360 Product Rotation Control when Paired with Compatible Turntable / Lightbox
  • Exact Camera Placement – Camera Mount Offers:
    • Manual Fine Adjustments for Camera Height, Tilt, Level and Centering
    • On-Device Power, USB Connection, and Cable Management
  • Delivers Fluid Camera Movement – Non-Shake Motion Control (Start, Stop or Direction Change)
  • Fast & Automated 360 / 3D Image and Video Capture
  • Smart Platform Offers Individual Mounts for All Compatible Devices
  • Compact Design, Easily Fits through Standard Doorways
  • Casters & Leveling Legs For Easy Movement & Secure Placement

Sophisticated Software

When Used with a Compatible Turntable or All-In-One Jewelry Photography System

  • Comes with Two Types of Software (Win / Mac)
  • Software Controls the Entire Jewelry Content Creation Workflow
  • Automate Jewelry Photography and Video Capture. Save and Reuse Your Best Settings
  • Live Real-Time Preview
  • Produce Product Content In-house
    • Take Professional Still & Still Shot Sequences of Jewelry from Every Angle
    • Create Interactive 360, Hemispherical or Spherical Product Views
    • Create Preset Videos of Jewelry in 360 or Hemispherical Formats
    • Create Tailor-Made Videos with Custom Movements and Synchronized Zoom
    • Automate Multi-Row Image Capture
  • Video Sequencing
    • Provides Preset and Live-Preview Motion Planning for Video Clip Capture (MOV / MP4)
    • Automatically Capture, Edit, & Combine Multiple Jewelry Video Clips into One Video
    • Automatically Capture Multiple Jewelry Video Clips for Use in Any 3rd Party Video Editing Program
  • Pair with 3D PhotoBench 80 or 3D PhotoBench 80 Air to Create an All-In-One 3D Jewelry Content Creation Solution
  • Video Editing and a Complete Photo Editing Suite

Why Use 3D PhotoArm 500 for Jewelry?

Precision Movement – Easily Capture Important Key Frames, Product Details, and Textures

Efficient Presets – Automate Entire Capture Workflows. Fully Integrate Motion, Lighting, Capture, and Saving

Repeatable Motion – Save and Reuse the Best Movements to Ensure Consistent Jewelry Capture Over Time

No-Shake Camera Motion – Smooth, Continuous Camera Movement While Capturing Preset 3D Flyover Videos of Jewelry, 360s, Hemispherical Product Views and Videos Featuring Custom Movements and Zoom

Realistic 3D Content Creation – High Quality Jewelry Photos and Videos From Every Angle Foster Consumer Trust

True 3D Capture and Viewing – Adjustable Arm Height Makes Proper 3D Capture and Viewing Possible

3D Photography Arm Applications (Jewelry Industry):

  • Automate Product Photography (Still, 360, 3D)
  • eCommerce Photography and Content Creation
  • 360 and 3D Video Creation
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Quality Control Photography
  • High Resolution Print Photography
  • Perfect for In-House Photography Departments
  • 3D Content Creation, Photogrammetry, and Product Rendering
  • Website Photography
  • Business Communication
Our commitment to the jewelry industry is stronger than ever as we continue to innovate and bring new products to market that make jewelry photography and video capture easier and faster than ever before.

Sam Shearer

Managing Director, Ortery Technologies, Inc.


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.