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ClothingPad Mini

Flat Lay Fashion Photography Made Simple

Quickly take photos of clothing and apparel on pure white and transparent backgrounds. This bottom lit photography table makes it easy. Simply place shirts, pants sweaters or any garment on the table. Use the software to make and view adjustments to lighting and camera settings in real time. Click snap to capture and view the result. Best lighting, camera and save settings can be reused to increase photography speed. Easy to learn and use. Perfect for taking professional pictures of pants, shirts and other apparel for website, catalog or social media use.

  • Dimensions

    57.5 x 51.2 x 86"

  • Weight

    289 lbs

  • Light Quality

    CRI: 95+
    COLOR TEMP: 5700K
    LED LIFE: 50,000 HOURS

  • Max Object Size

    Top Shots: 50 x 38"
    Side Shots: Depends on angle

Flat Lay Product Photography Equipment

  • Product Photography LED Table and Lights
  • Product Photography Software
  • Full Camera / Lighting Control with Real-Time Preview
  • Automated Image Capture, Editing, Processing and Saving
  • Large dimmable dynamic range with high color accuracy and fine, incremental light control
  • Take Pictures with Pure White Backgrounds
  • Take Pictures with Transparent Backgrounds

Need a larger flat lay solution? Consider the ClothingPad

Clothing Pad Setup

Benefits and Industry Use

Flat lay photography offers a unique and creative way to display products. The ClothingPad Mini is a self-contained, easy to use solution for achieving professional results.

  • Computer-Controlled Photography
  • Automated Image Capture, Processing, Editing and Saving
  • Accelerate Photography, Reduce Production Costs and Increase Output Consistency
  • Simple to Use, No Experience Necessary
  • Place Object, Preview in Real-Time on Monitor Screen, Control Light and Camera Settings via Software, then Click Snap. Pictures Automatically Appear on Monitor Screen in Seconds.
  • Eliminates Extensive Editing
  • Take Product Shots on Pure White Backgrounds
  • Take Product Shots on Transparent Backgrounds
  • Take Close Ups to Highlight Specific Features
  • RAW, JPG, PNG and TIFF Output


Combine with a LiveStudio to Further Automate Photography on Mannequins or Models

The Right Software

  • Large Real-Time Preview with the included Ortery Capture software
  • Batch Saving – Use Custom Saving Profiles to Save and Edit Images Multiple Ways with One Click
  • Batch Image Editing – Includes Levels, Curves, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Auto White Balance, Hue, Saturation and Brightness, Combo Editing Tools and more
  • Save and Re-use Optimized Camera and Lighting Settings
  • The AfterImage Feature Ensures Product Placement Consistency
  • Take Pictures on Pure White Backgrounds
  • Take Product Shots in PNG Format with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Spot Color Adjustment

Software Controlled Camera
Adjustable Camera Height
Ergonomic Working Height
Canopy Blocks Contaminate Light
Easy to Roll and Lock in Place
Software Controlled Camera
Adjustable Camera Height
Ergonomic Working Height
Canopy Blocks Contaminate Light
Easy to Roll and Lock in Place
“If you're looking for an easy and seamless way to photograph products, clothing, accessories or fashion in 360 degrees, look no further than Ortery!”

Damion Lloyd


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.