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Office Photo Machine

Automate Capture of Stills, 360, 3D Hemispherical/Spherical, & Video

The Office Photo Machine (OPM) is an All-In-One, Self-Contained Content Creator. Akin to a traditional copier machine, the OPM was designed with one touch simplicity in mind. With one press of the touch screen monitor, the software-controlled 4-Axis Movement (camera mounted flyover, tilt, zoom, & built-in, bottom-lit turntable 360 spin) automates the capture of still shot sequences, 360 photos, hemi/spherical 3D animations, and videos. No experience is necessary to get professional photos, animations, or videos. The user simply places the product, chooses a capture profile, & the OPM does the rest. Check out our OPM Video.

  • Dimensions

    65 x 61 x 70.9"
    (165 x 155 x 180cm)

  • Turntable Diameter

    29.9" (76cm)

  • Max Object Weight

    70 lbs (32kg)

  • Item Size

    Side Shots: 19 x 19 x 14”
    Top Shots: 19 x 19 x 14”
    360/3D Shots: 15 x 15 x 13"

  • Light Quality

    CRI: 95+
    COLOR TEMP: 5700K
    LED LIFE: 50,000 HOURS

Hardware – Designed for Automation

  • Built-In 360 Turntable – Patented, Bottom-Lit, Edge-Driven & Transparent
  • 4-Axis Movement Control
    • Motorized Camera Mounted On Curved Track
    • Full Zoom, Tilt, & Flyover Control Through Software
    • Automated Camera Movements For Repeatable Results
  • Advanced LED Lighting Control With High Color Accuracy
    • 10 Independent Light Sections With Large Dynamic Range
    • Fine Dimming Control From:
      • The Left Front, Top, & Rear | The Right Front, Top, & Rear
      • The Turntable – Bottom Near & Far
      • The Curved Back Wall –  Top & Bottom
  • Fast & Automated 360 / 3D Image Capture
  • Ambidextrous Use – Mount Touchscreen Monitor To Either Side
  • Side Doors For Easy Product Placement
  • Casters & Leveling Legs For Easy Movement & Secure Placement
    • OPM Fits Through Standard Office Doors
  • Easily export images for Photogrammetry creation in 3D modeling softwares

Sophisticated Software

Software For Every Experience Level

Ortery Capture

  • Increase Photography / Videography Output Through Automation
    • Use Profiles To Automate Photography / Videography
    • Create Workflows For Consistent Capture At Specific Angles
  • Increase Product Display Options
    • Easily Create Professional Stills, 360 Views, 3D Hemi / Spherical Product Animations, & Videos
    • Take Product Shots On Pure White & Transparent Backgrounds.
      • Replace Background With a Specific Color, Image, Or Natural Shadow
    • Capture Video Sequences With Automatic Capture, Editing, & Stitching
  • Use Photo Editing Tools To Adjust Color For True To Life Tone

Walk Up Mode

Walk Up Mode takes automation one step further by eliminating manual adjustments. The software creates best lighting environments and camera settings for the products. This allows the user the place a product and press snap. That’s it. All the other processes are handled by the software automatically.

“Ortery met all our requirements. Their products are well built, their support is excellent, their product line handles still, 360, and 3D images, and their customers are happy with how easy their products are to use. Other solutions on the market simply did not stack up. A combined Visual SKUs / Ortery solution is exactly what businesses need.”

Claudio Di Sano

President of Visual SKUs


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.