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Apparel & Clothing Product Photography

Ortery offers the largest selection of fashion accessory and clothing photography systems. Built to simplify, accelerate and automate 360 clothing photography, each solution uses software to streamline still shot, flat lay, 360 mannequin and model photography and video capture. With years of experience, Ortery solutions provide flexible workflow features and ROI benefits to studio professionals and inhouse photographyers alike. With solutions from Ortery, you can start with what you need... and grow.

Ortery clothing photography system make clothing product shots on a pure white background easy for eCommerce and Amazon sellers.

A Complete Apparel Photography Solution

Mastering your clothing and fashion accessory photography in a timely manner is paramount in order to keep up with the demands of merchandising your fashion each and every season.

Whether it’s for cataloguing purposes in order to demonstrate your line to prospective buyers or you’re photographing for direct to market on your online store, Ortery has the right equipment and workflow to make it happen.

Invite new customers by expanding the way you display apparel and accessories. Ortery allows you to practically eliminate post production while creating professional stills, 3D and 360 product views on models and mannequins. Ortery’s flat clothing photography solutions accelerate daily throughput by directly achieving pure white and transparent backgrounds

Increase ease of use, productivity and image consistency with automatic background removal and by taking pictures that communicate texture and accurate color.

Ecommerce Clothing Photography Made Simple

  • Software Driven Photography Offers Huge Benefits
  • Take Web-ready Photos on Pure White Backgrounds
  • Automatic Background Removal. Shoot Clothes and Accessories on Transparent then Quickly Change the Background Image or Color
  • Re-use Best Light & Camera Settings
  • Batch Editing, Processing & Saving
  • Professional Results, No Experience Necessary
flat Lat Clothing Photography Example

Interactive 360 Clothing Photography for the Web

Offer interactive media on your website

Ortery’s 360 clothing photography solutions can automatically capture 360 shots of models, mannequins and accessories on transparent or pure white backgrounds, eliminating extra image editing.

Create standard 360 product views or go a step further by adding a DualView system, which provides a secondary 360 view using 2 cameras.

With the integrated software, users can add annotations, deep zoom, audio, hyperlinks and more into 360 product displays. 

Automatic Background Removal

Take pictures and automatically knockout the background in real-time. Our sophisticated edge detection technology separates clothing and accessories from their background and automatically creates a PNG, RAW or TIFF file with a mask or transparent background for immediate use.

Background Removal

Checkout What's NEW!

The StylePad

Photograph your clothing at the best angle. Flat lay clothing photography works great to make a unique impression. Clothes hanger, hanging clothing photography is consistent, simple and saves time. Often the best look is achieved in the middle – an angled lay – with a natural hang. StylePad does it all and makes it easy. Use at home or in the studio to achieve professional photography results.

The ClothingPad Combo

Shoot all your apparel and accessories on one machine!
Create professional side shots, flat lay, 360 photos and videos for eCommerce, print and social media. Automatically knock out backgrounds during photography, without editing.

The 360 turntable, lights and a compatible camera are seamlessly controlled by photography software (included) to simplify and speed up your clothing photography, processing and saving.

Fusion Has Arrived

The brand NEW Fusion tool is used to place an object on a new background. With just a few simple edits, the superimposed image can provide a realistic setting to your web or print content. From within the software, the objects position, size, perspective, lighting, as well as other characteristics can all be adjusted to fit the selected background accordingly. In addition, the product shadows can be uploaded or drawn into the image for an even more natural effect.

Fusion Gif 2

Color Conversion

Color Conversion gives users an efficient way to capture an image then quickly edit the colors to display the same shot in multiple colors. This new feature works great for apparel products, but can also be used in a variety of industries to optimize consistency.

Example of Ortery Color Conversion Feature for Clothing Photography Systems

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Systems

Shoot 100’s of garments per day with accurate color and consistent results. The ClothingPad comes with photography software that controls a your camera, lighting and the entire photography process.

This bottom lit photography table makes it easy. Simply place shirts, pants sweaters or any garment on the table. Use the software to make and view adjustments to lighting and camera settings in real time.

Photograph apparel in angled lay and natural hang positions. When paired with a Ortery LiveStudio lighting kit, software controls the lighting, a compatible camera and the entire image capture workflow.

Mannequin and Model Photography Systems

Save space and time with this full body, 360 mannequin photography solution featuring professional LED lighting, a built-in motorized turntable and photography software. Simply connect a compatible camera to efficiently compose, capture, process and save professional still, video & 360 product photos.

This large 360 model photography system can create still and rotating 360 product shots which leads to more sales and fewer returns. The bottom lit turntable and 360 photography software work together to seamlessly capture 360 product views and videos.

Breakaway from traditional lighting studios. LiveStudio offers dimmable LED lights controlled from Ortery’s photography software. Adjust and view camera and light changes in real time. Press Snap to take pictures and speed up clothing photography. Use it with a 360 turntable or an all in one to create a turnkey studio solution.

LiveStudio Does It All

Our new LiveStudio system offers dimmable LED lights wirelessly controlled from Ortery’s capture software. Adjust and view camera and light changes in real time on your computer. Press Snap to take pictures. Speed up your model and mannequin photography.

Dynamic Clothing Photography Solutions
Designed To Help You Grow



(Angled Lay)

Ortery hanging and flat lay clothing photography systems work great with LiveStudio light kits

StylePad + LiveStudio

(Angled Lay + Lights, Software & Background Removal)

Ortery large flat-lay clothing photography systems


(Flat Lay Clothing Photography)

Ortery 360 clothing photography light table

ClothingPad + Turntable & Backlight

(Flat Lay + Side Shot & 360)

LiveStudio clothing photography light kits by Ortery


(Software Controlled Studio Lights)

Add a LiveStudio light kit to your 360 clothing photography turntable

LiveStudio + 360 Turntable

(Software Controlled Lights and 360 Turntable)

Need To Photograph Apparel And Accessories?

The 3D PhotoBench 280 is our top selling all-in-one solution due to it's versatility in both size and performance. The 280 comes equipped with dimmable, high CRI LED lighting and a built-in motorized, bottom-lit turntable. The software-controlled capabilities make it easy to automate your entire still, 360, and video content creation workflow.

Ortery 3D PhotoBench 280 - Product Photography Solution with transparent, bottom lit 360 turntable

Important Features for Photographing Apparel and Fashion Accessories

Large, full size 360 clothing photography lightbooth with clear motorized turntable
  • One Program Controls Everything:  Lighting, camera settings, turntable movement, image capture, editing and batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • Take Web-ready product shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Capture 360 and 3D product views. Display them on any device
  • Create runway and 360 product videos
  • Memorize and re-use best light, camera and workflow settings
  • Image Consistency
  • Use a Custom Defined Workflow and Multiple Camera Control to repeatedly capture the same angles
  • Take a picture with several items inside. Image Separation will automatically knock out the background, identify each item and save them individually
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support

“There are several reasons why I would recommend Ortery photography solutions… ease of use, the real time preview and pure white backgrounds are just to name a few. Overall, Ortery systems allow us to take high quality images in a very efficient manner.”

Matt Wade

Chief Operating Officer, BHFO

Stand Out Above the Rest by Making Product Photography Your Competitive Advantage

Ortery Products Are Trusted by Some of the Biggest Apparel Brands in the World.

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