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Footwear Industry Photo automation

Photograph Footwear and
Shoe Images for eCommerce

Ortery manufactures footwear photography solutions - including professional light boxes, 360 photography turntables and photography light kits. Each comes with software for synchronizing light, camera and turntable settings to automate image capture. Create professional still shots or impress potential customers with 3D or interactive 360 product photos.  Finally, re-use best settings to increase shoe photography speed and consistency.

Automated Still Shot Sequence

get YOUR SHOES online and in shopper’s carts FAST

With Ortery, not only will you increase speed to market, you have the ability to capture your products as professional stills and automate the entire process. Create, save and reuse still shot sequences for consistent and repeatable results. Simply set the desired standard angles within a profile once and reuse forever.

Automate and capture the best quality images for your catalog or website in minutes with little to no photography experience required.

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Interactive 360 Product Views

interactive FOOTWEAR content for your website

Automate the creation of standard 360 product views or get creative by adding annotations, deep zoom, hot spots, hyperlinks and more on the 360 product views you create.

Many of Ortery’s shoe photography solutions feature a patented bottom lit transparent turntable that can capture images and create 360 product views on a pure white or transparent background, eliminating the extra work involved with image editing.

AutoMask | Automatic Background Removal

Ortery product photography systems with AutoMask technology allow you to automatically remove the background from your footwear images and 360 animations as they're being photographed. This is a new capability that dramatically reduces the need for post production, saving companies time and money.

AutoMask is great for increasing output flexibility. The feature also lets you keep the subject's natural shadow along with the ability to add any color or background to the pictures you take. Find and match a complimentary color or batch-replace and and save images to pure white. If you'd like to add more communication value, AutoMask also lets you swap out the background completely and replace it with a related image of your choice.  

Important Features for Shoe Photography

  • One Program Controls Everything:  Lighting, camera settings, turntable movement, image capture, editing and batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • Take Web-ready product shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Capture 360 and 3D product views. Display them on any device
  • Create informational and 360 product videos
  • Memorize and re-use best light, camera and workflow settings
  • Image Consistency
  • Use a Custom Defined Workflow and Multiple Camera Control to repeatedly capture the same angles
  • Take a picture with several items inside. Image Separation will automatically identify each item in the photograph and save them individually
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support

Focus Stacking
| Enhance Shoe Details

Ortery's Focus Stacking feature captures multiple images of footwear at different focal points and then combines them to create a single image with an enhanced depth of field. This produces sharp and detailed images of the entire shoe, from the front to the back, even when the subject has intricate textures and details.

Focus Stacking for eCommerce shoe product photography showcases footwear with exceptional clarity. It eliminates the common issue of parts of the shoe appearing blurry or out of focus. The result is more visually appealing shoe product photos, which can significantly enhance customer engagement, increase sales, and improve the overall shopping experience for online consumers.  

Ring Light
| Highlight Branding

Our ring light enhances texture, highlights details, and minimizes shadows, creating a polished and professional look by emphasizing the shoe's design and quality.

Put light where you need it to highlight branding.

| Visual Consistency

Ortery's margins tool provides consistent spacing, framing, and alignment, ensuring that shoes are well-centered and perfectly presented, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Auto-detect PNG product edges within an image and insert margins. Then, fit image to specific dimensions without warping or modifying the product's existing pixels. Save margins as profiles for use on future products and obtain consistent results. Great for eCommerce and catalogue display.

Color Conversion
| Create New Colorways

Color Conversion is feature that allows customers to efficiently change one or more colors inside a captured image. Applications include: color matching, color correction or creating new colorways.

Spot Color Correction
Certain colors will ways be difficult to capture and spot color corrections can reduce or elminate returns. Make sure the colors you show potential customers are as accurate as possible.

eCommerce Listings
For eCommerce, Color Conversion allows companies to take one professional picture then use it to efficiently create variations in different colors.


Create 3D Footwear Animations

Beyond still images and 360 rotations

With Ortery’s 3D shoe photography solutions a 360 turntable (typically the 3D PhotoBench 280) is combined with a 3D MultiArm to capture hemispherical and spherical, interactive footwear images and animations with amazing efficiency. This enhances your customer's ability to interact with the dynamic 3D views of your product for a truly next level experience.

Ortery Products are Trusted by Some of the Biggest Footwear Brands in the World.

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