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ClothingPad Combo

Software-Controlled Apparel Photography Machine - Light Table with Detachable Bottom-Lit 360 Turntable & Backlight System

Use this apparel photography machine to shoot all your apparel and accessories in professional still, flat lay, 360 and video formats for eCommerce, print and more. Save time by automatically knocking out backgrounds during the photography process! With a ClothingPad Combo, the backlight, top light, 360 turntable and ClothingPad are all seamlessly controlled by the Ortery Capture photography software to streamline and simplify image capture, processing and saving.

  • Specifications

    Note: These specs do not include the size of the ClothingPad itself

  • Backlight Panel

    Dimensions: 5.9 x 46.7 x 51.2"
    Side shots: 42.5 x 49”
    Top Shots: 44.5 x 26”
    Light Quality: 95+ CRI- 50,000 Hour Life Span
    Power Requirements: 110-240V, 140W

  • 360 Turntable

    Dimensions: On Turntable: 27” x 35”
    Above Turntable Width Increases to 42.5"
    Turntable Diameter: 47.25"
    Max. Weight Capacity: 44lbs
    Power Requirements: 110-240V, 140W

An All-In-One Apparel Photography Machine

The LED backlight rolls and attaches to the ClothingPad with hand screws.  It overlaps with the ClothingPad surface to create a seamless transition.

  • The top light’s position is adjustable and dimmable.
  • The transparent 360 turntable mounts to the top of ClothingPad with hand screws.
  • The ClothingPad’s 4 surrounding lights can be moved to optimize side shot lighting

A Software Driven Solution

  • Software offers synchronized camera and lighting control
  • Synchronized image capture and turntable movement
  • Utilize the ‘what you see is what you get’ live preview
  • Take photos, 360 animations & videos of apparel on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Establish automated workflows for taking, naming, editing and batch saving photos & animations
  • Save and re-use your best settings to consistently take pictures that require almost no editing
  • Complete Apparel Photography Machine

Photograph Apparel on Pure White or Transparent Backgrounds

Easily capture apparel photos and 360 animations on a pure white or transparent background using the AutoMask feature. What does that mean? It means no more Photoshop! What is commonly found to be a tedious and time consuming process, can now be done in just a few seconds. The AutoMask background removal tool also lets users completely replace the background of your photos or animations with any color or image.

Create 360 Photos of Apparel and Accessories

Interactive 360 photos give the customer an opportunity to control and view the product from every angle before they purchase. Hotspots and deep zoom can be added to provide more product information. 360 product views download fast and can be displayed on all website browsers and mobile devices.

Automate Fixed Angle Photography with Multiple Camera Control

Professionally photographing a product’s main angles is the bare minimum for eCommerce. The ClothingPad Combo completely automates this task. Custom defined workflows allow you to automate your product photography specific to your output needs. Use different angles to create a custom shooting profile then use it to automate image capture from those angles.

Connect two cameras! Use one to take a pictures of the entire object and the other to take close ups or a different angle. It’s that easy!

Flat Lay Photography

Take advantage of flat lay apparel photography to shoot in PNG, RAW, JPG or TIFF. Benefit from independently controlling four surrounding lights and a bottom lit table to create the look you want and to remove the background from the pictures you take automatically without post-production.  Background removal happens during image capture.


Manage the Flip!

Built-in software features like AfterImage allow you to consistently line up your shots the same way every time and works great for keeping front & back photos even and aligned.  Software also allows you to save out camera, lighting, editing, saving, crop and more settings to consistently recreate the scene.

  • Intuitive batch editing, processing and saving
  • Consistent and uniform product displays
  • Save and reuse best camera, turntable and light settings
  • Output JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files


Create 360 Apparel Videos that Sell

Whether its and accessory or a half mannequin, 360 product views help sell more product. They create a trusted and more satisfying buying experience. In addition, 360 Clothing Videos are easy to deploy on websites and eCommerce / social media platforms.

Need to Shoot Both Apparel and Accessories?

In addition this all in one apparel photography machine, Ortery offers the largest selection of apparel photography equipment for shooting clothes on mannequins, models, shoes, handbags, jewelry and more. Shoot inhouse and get professional still, 360, 3D and video results. The combination of hardware and software working together speed up and simplify taking pictures on pure white, lifestyle and transparent backgrounds. Call to learn more or schedule a demonstration today.


We can help you take the types of pictures you need.