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3D PhotoBench Air

360 Loose Diamond and Gemstone Photography Light Box with Software

Take professional photos, videos and interactive 360 product views of loose diamonds and gemstones that show fire, sparkle and brilliance. Suction makes it easy to hold the stones up by the girdle or in a lay down position while the photography software automates 360 image capture from every angle. Capture hearts and arrows and quickly produce diamond photography results for B2B and B2C markets. Dimmable lighting, presets and the ability to reuse best settings to accelerate diamond photography and allow anyone, regardless of experience, to create and easily share the professional results.

  • Dimensions

    27.6 x 14 x 29.5" (70 x 35.5 x 75 cm)

  • Weight

    120 lbs. (54 kg)

  • Max Object Size

    10.2 x 10.2 x 9.3” (26 x 26 x 23.7 cm)

  • Max Object Weight

    5.0 lbs.

Automate 360 Diamond Photography

If you have a lot of diamonds and loose gemstones to shoot, share and display online the PhotoBench Air is for you. All the photography variables can be locked down and repeatable so the user can concentrate on throughput. Ortery’s image capture software simultaneously controls a compatible Canon camera, dimmable LED lighting and the entire 360 product photography workflow. Use it for loose stones and diamonds of any color, size, quality or shape. Workflows are created to increase consistency and automate the steps from product placement to automatically uploading the results to the cloud.

Diamond Specific Photography Equipment

The environment inside the PhotoBench Air was designed to elucidate and capture the features of a diamond or gemstone that make it unique. Lighting placement, dimmable LED lighting control, camera angle, camera distance, background color, turntable spin and tilt are all working together to provide jewelers with repeatable and trustworthy results. The PhotoBench Air also uses suction to make product placement and centering easy and consistent.

The results can be used to evaluate and communicate a stone’s characteristics from a technical perspective or to simply make it sell faster with just the right amount of sparkle.

“Ortery met all our requirements. Their products are well built, their support is excellent, their product line handles still, 360, and 3D images, and their customers are happy with how easy their products are to use. Other solutions on the market simply did not stack up. A combined Visual SKUs / Ortery solution is exactly what businesses need.”

Claudio Di Sano

President of Visual SKUs


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.