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Product Images for web

Consumer electronics are the bleeding edge and your pictures and visual communication has never been more important. Use Ortery's software controlled all-in-one light boxes, 360 turntables and professional LED lighting systems to automate your electronics product photography. Minimize editing by automatically taking photos with pure white and transparent backgrounds. Create interactive 360 photos, 3D product views and product videos that take your communications to the next level. Do it all in house with equipment designed for users of any skill level.

Ecommerce Product Photography for Electronics

sell more electronics online with better product photos

Everyone wants the newest electronics. It seems there is a new iPhone or Apple product launched every month. With this type of market turnover, it’s no surprise that consumer electronics is one of the largest online retail segments. These online stores rely on rapidly getting product to market with professional product photography.

Market places such as Ebay and Amazon are filled with consumer electronics, often similar or the same models being sold by multiple vendors. What is going to make your product stand out from the rest? The answer is your own in-house electronics product photography, buyers will be able to view stunning HD photos and 360 views of your product, enticing them to add to their cart. Ortery makes that difference.

Ortery offers turnkey solutions for creating professional still, 360, 360 video and 3D product views. The combination of hardware and software built for the purpose of streamlining product photography results in easy to use photography solutions that increase productivity as well as offer unique, interactive product presentations.

beats by dre set audio electronics product photography example

Batteries Included!

With over 30 unique photography studio solutions, Ortery has the widest line of computer-controlled product photography automation solutions in the market. Imagine having an all in one solution that includes the hardware and software necessary to master thousands of products with little to no photography experience. Shoot individual products or create composites that highlight everything in the box… including the batteries.

Interactive 360 Photos for Electronics


Automatically capture 360 video or up to 360 individual frames per rotation for all of your electronics. Turntable movement and picture taking are synchronized. Individual images can be immediately exported or edited and composed into various 360 product views featuring zoom, click-and-drag motion control and more. View 360 product photography examples.

Ortery's electronics product photography turntables and 360 photography studios make creating interactive, 360-degree product views fast and efficient. Each solution includes software to streamline and automate image capture, processing and stitching into a single workflow when using a compatible camera.

3D Electronics Photography


By using Ortery’s 3D product photography solutions in combination with a 360 turntable (such as 3D PhotoBench180 or 280), you can capture hemispherical and spherical product photos and animations with ease.

This enhances your customer's ability to interact with the dynamic 3D views of your product for a truly next level experience.

Focus Stacking


Focus stacking is an alternative product photography method in which multiple pictures are taken over a range of focus points then re-combined to create one picture that has no depth of field limitations. Jewelry and macro photographers commonly use focus stacking to obtain the sharp results they desire. There is no ‘correct’ depth of field, there is only mastering depth of field and using it to create desired effects.

The camera automatically takes pictures at different focus depths and stitches the images together into one final image that truly pops off the page delivering unequaled clarity and texture.

Electronics Product Photography
Main Features

  • One program controls everything: Lighting, camera settings, turntable movement, image capture, editing and batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • The right light & lighting control
  • Take product shots on pure white
  • Take product shots with transparent backgrounds
  • Create 360, hemi or full spherical product views and display them on any device
  • Create stunning 360-degree product videos
  • AfterImage – Use previous images to align future images
  • Automatic Focus Stacking ensures every photo is in focus
  • Make Custom Defined Workflows for repeatedly capturing a fixed sequence unique angles
  • Multiple Camera Control
  • Full Camera Control – Real time preview, aperture, shutter & more
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support

“What’s great about Photosimile is that it’s all set up and ready for people to use when they need to take a picture. The fact that you can easily email the images right from the station to yourself or to others completes its utility. With suppliers, manufacturers and distributors all around the world, effective communication is very important and a picture is the ideal format to communicate.”

Richard J. Greene

Timex’s Manager of Interactive Marketing

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