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Videos of Ortery's products and features.

Product Photography Solutions Videos

The Office Photo Machine is a software-controlled lighting environment and camera delivery system that makes it easy for anyone to walk up, place an item inside and produce professional still, 360, 3D and video results for any application. Software included.

Jewelers use our light boxes and photography turntable equipment in house to take professional focus stacked images and to create interactive 360s, videos and 3D animations.

DualView is a new type of 360 product photography where products can be captured and displayed using two cameras instead of just one.

Our eCommerce product photography solutions are simple to learn and use because the hardware and software work together to eliminate the variables that make product photography difficult and time consuming.

Breakaway from traditional lighting studios. LiveStudio offers dimmable LED lights controlled from Ortery’s photography software. Adjust and view camera and light changes in real time.

The Ortery SylePad is a clothing photography solution for shooting apparel in angled lay and natural hang positions.

The bottom lit turntable, 360 photography software and a compatible camera work together to seamlessly capture pictures and turn them into 360 product views and videos.

LiveStudio is a fully integrated photography solution where software controls the lighting and a connected camera to simplify and accelerate every aspect of studio photography.

Our most popular 360 photography equipment feature a patented transparent turntable with surround LED lighting for taking 360 photos on pure white and transparent backgrounds.

Take pictures, drop the background, but keep the option to display the product with our without its natural shadow. No more creating drop shadows in Photoshop.

Our integrated photography equipment and software help small to large jewelry businesses streamline their photography workflow.

Our product photography turntables are always part of a larger workflow. Software controls each component and sequential action to streamline the completion of the entire task.

The 6 piece kit is conveniently equipped with adjustable height and distance markers – a feature that provides users with the ability to easily lock-in and log the exact position of their camera for repeatable results over time.

Consisting of a 74” x 48” shooting area, professional surround lighting and product photography software, the Ortery ClothingPad works in conjunction with a compatible camera to simplify and automate picture taking, batch image processing, editing and saving.

Ortery product photography systems with AutoMask technology allow you to automatically remove the background from a picture as it is being photographed.

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