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3D Camera Positioning Robots for Content Creation

3D PhotoArm Series

A 3D PhotoArm adds 3D camera positioning robot qualities to any compatible Ortery solution. Featuring 4- and 6-axis motion control..., every arm, camera, and turntable movement is under complete control and is precisely repeatable. Create new capture workflows, still shot sequences, and unique video flyovers that are sure to impress. Re-use them to automate content creation in still, 360, 3D, and video formats. Ideal for in-house eCommerce product photography, social media content creation, 3D image capture, product videos, and more.

Ortery Camera Positioning Robots

Quickly Create & Display New Types of Content

Software-Driven Content Creation

When a 3D PhotoArm is combined with a compatible Ortery device, new hardware and software features are opened that allow users to capture and display content more efficiently.

Potential Output Formats:  JPG, PNG, RAW, TIFF Alpha, PSD, TGA, WebP, MOV, MP4, Mask, Swatch, GIF, and HTML5

One System - Two Softwares - Full Integration

Accessible Content Creation for Any User

Walk-Up Software

Simplified User Interface and Workflow

Touchscreen optimized, anyone can use this software to automate the capture of professional photos, 360s, and 3D product views on lifestyle, pure white, or transparent backgrounds.

Features presets for 360 and 3D video capture.

Ortery Capture Software

Professional Control and Functionality

Offers unparalleled product photography and video workflow features and options for lighting, camera, motion, editing, and saving control.

Allows users to customize and automate their entire content creation workflow.

Multi-Axis Control

Motorized Camera Movement

Through the software interface, users can easily plan, control, and deliver the camera to the best position for image or key frame capture. Use presets or create custom movements to control:

Camera Position

Arm Height

Camera Zoom

Camera Tilt*

Arm Extension* 

Camera Orientation* (Portrait / Landscape)

Product Angle or Rotation - When Paired with an Ortery Turntable 

*Available on 3D PhotoArm 800 only

Zero Camera Shake or Vibration

Capture Smooth Video, Every Time.

Through the use of powerful servo motors, the PhotoArms’ fluid motion delivers shake-free results (even when starting, stopping, or changing direction) without the need for image stabilization or post-production editing.

Realistic 3D Product Views

Capture Products. Showcase Reality.

A motorized 3D photo arm with an Ortery all-in-one studio is ideal for visually communicating why something is attractive, interesting or unique. Easily take professional photos on pure white or transparent backgrounds from every angle. Create high resolution 360 and 3D product views in video or interactive HTML5 formats.

Decrease uncertainty and build trust by capturing and displaying true-to-life product content.

Adjustable Arm Height

True Center - Capturing and Viewing

Adjust arm height to ensure proper 3D product capture and to yield natural viewing results.

  • Adjust arm height, then take photos from anywhere on the arc. The product will always be vertically centered. No manual tilting or post editing required.
  • Easily capture 3D video, hemispherical, or spherical product views where the product rotates naturally around its true center.

Video Sequencing

Automate Repeatable Video Content Creation

With a 3D Photography Arm, Ortery's Video Sequencing module becomes more powerful than ever. Streamline video capture, editing, and processing with one-click templates for 360 and 3D video capture. Or... customize, combine and save actions like flyover, spin, zoom, and tilt* to create dynamic product views. With Video Sequencing, individual clips (MOV or MP4) can be automatically stitched into a single video or exported to Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere for final editing. Either way, users can repeatedly capture and highlight product details to tell the best story.

*Tilt available only on the 3D PhotoArm 800

Choose the 3D Photography Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

3D PhotoArm 500

3D PhotoArm 800

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