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Ortery 360 Photography Turntable Used In the Release of New 3D Modeling API from Apple

The phones were ringing, and congratulations were in order when an Ortery PhotoCapture 360M appeared in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week. WWDC is where Apple showcases their latest technologies and provides developers an opportunity to engage with Apple engineers in sessions and labs.


Object Capture is a new API from Apple that can be used to create lifelike 3D models of real-world objects. On a Mac, it allows users to import 2D photos of an object that were taken from every angle, then photogrammetry techniques are used to create a 3D geometric mesh and various material maps. The photos could be from a digital SLR, mirrorless camera or from an Apple iPhone which can also pass depth information to the API.


The video goes into detail about Object Capture’s workflows and capabilities. At 22 minutes and 45 seconds, best practices and tools for optimal image capture are discussed. During this segment, an Ortery PhotoCapture 360M turntable appears as the engineer from Apple explains that they “recommend turntable capture to get the best results possible”. Image capture is extremely important to the quality of the final 3D result.

In addition, a lighting setup that delivers “uniform lighting and avoid any harsh shadows” was also recommended. Ortery offers software controlled lighting and 360 degree photography systems of all sizes that not only fulfill these requirements, but are also capable of automating the entire image capture process.

Here is the video. Lean and enjoy!

Ortery’s 360 and 3D product photography solutions are a natural fit for anyone interested in creating 3D models and colorful texture maps using photogrammetry. The PhotoCapture, PhotoBench and Infinity Series offer software controlled 360 photography on pure white or transparent backgrounds with repeatable accuracy up to 1024 photos in a single spin. When hemispherical or spherical image capture is required, Ortery’s MultiArm solutions control and simultaneously capture photos using up to 10 Canon cameras. Ortery also offers a convenient DualView solution and software controlled lighting. Each solution is designed to:

• Simplify product photography
• Increase photo consistency and
• Maximize throughput by re-using best camera, lighting and saving settings

It was fun to receive so many calls and emails from customers, partners and previous employees about this event. We support Apple and look forward to helping our mutual customers create their vision – making 3D models via photogrammetry.

For more information on how an Ortery photography system works or how it could benefit your business, Contact Us Today.

Ortery Technologies is the industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of professional product photography solutions that automate inhouse photography. They allow anyone to capture and display eCommerce, video, 3D and 360 product photos.  Ortery customers benefit from specialized hardware and software working together to simplify and accelerate every step of the product photography workflow.