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DenimFWD Works With Ortery

All-In-One Solutions to Streamline On-Demand Print Technology in the Apparel Industry.

Through dynamic thinking from DenimFWD, the use and versatility of Ortery photography systems continue to unfold, this time in the fashion industry.

This week, at Kornit Fashion Week in Los Angeles – The Fine Line Between Fashion and Tech, DenimFWD, a company focused on using state of the art technologies to streamline apparel design, development and finishing, will be demonstrating its latest technologies and work with Kornit’s sustainable on-demand print technologies. Ortery is proud to announce that DenimFWD uses Ortery’s product photography technologies to streamline its workflows and push the boundaries of what is possible.

DenimFWD’s entry into the on-demand manufacturing industry started with denim jeans. From there, they fully realized their company’s mission. They wanted to gather different technologies and utilize them in unison to streamline and automate the apparel manufacturing workflow in a more sustainable fashion, (no pun intended). Ortery’s technology is among the devices DenimFWD has been using.

“In addition to taking photos for eCommerce and social media, we also use our Ortery equipment for design replication where it has significantly increased the speed of our workflows and has allowed our customers to get their products to market faster” said Jadel Lam, Director at DenimFWD.

DenimFWD and Ortery share the same vision for automation. In the same way Ortery pioneered automated product photography, DenimFWD is bringing automation to the Fashion industry.

"It’s amazing to see people’s designs come to life right before your eyes, then see them on the catwalk later that day” said Sam Shearer, Managing Director at Ortery Technologies, Inc. “It really brings home the huge impact DenimFWD is having on the apparel creation workflow.”

What an exciting time to be in the fashion industry! Contact Ortery today to inspire or streamline the use of photography automation in your industry.