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eCommerce Swatch Creation – Automated

What is an eCommerce Swatch?

An eCommerce Swatch is a small image, usually round or square, that is placed on a product listing to communicate that a product is available in different colors, patterns, or textures.

eCommerce Swatch

Why do Swatches Increase eCommerce Sales?

Swatches are used throughout eCommerce because variant products or colorways can be conveniently displayed to customers with just one click. eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces like Shopify and Amazon constantly use eCommerce swatches to give customers the ability to easily discover what they are looking to buy. This provides a better eCommerce shopping experience and translates to more sales.

How are eCommerce Swatches Usually Created?

The process is nothing short of a time-consuming pain in the workflow. Captured images need to be edited in post. A new image needs to be created, cropped, resized, renamed, then saved. When you have hundreds or thousands of products and product types, a couple minutes to classically create an eCommerce swatch turns into hours of work.

eCommerce Swatch Categories

Ortery Automates Swatch Creation

Take a high-resolution picture. Choose the part of the picture that will become the swatch. Done.

  • The swatch will travel with the original image and be saved with the same SKU / filename.
  • Swatches can either be round or square and are automatically saved at the right size.
  • Color edits made to the original image can be automatically applied to the swatch.
  • For multi-channel use, a swatch can be batch saved in different folders and sizes.
  • Swatches are saved as PNG files. The transparent background allows it to automatically match the background color of any website.
  • Benefits: Simplicity, Consistency, and Speed.

Can eCommerce Swatches Created with an
Ortery System
be used on Shopify?

Yes, swatches created by Ortery’s software can be used on Shopify and all other websites and eCommerce platforms.

Ortery Can Help

If you are already creating swatches and the process is slowing your ecommerce workflow down, Contact Ortery to learn how an automated product photography solution from Ortery Technologies can help you save time and make more money.


For more information or to schedule a demonstration, Contact Us Today.

Ortery Technologies is the industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of professional product photography solutions that automate inhouse photography and video production. Their solutions allow anyone to capture and display eCommerce, video, 3D and 360 product photos.  Ortery customers benefit from specialized hardware and software working together to simplify and accelerate every step of the content creation workflow.

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