Footwear Industry Photo automation

Photograph footwear and shoe images for web

Capture perfect photos of your footwear inventory for use in your catalogue or eCommerce website. Our hardware and software syncs up with your workflow to streamline your process. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views, capture your images with Ortery - perfect, every time.

Streamline your image processing

get products online and in shopper’s carts

With Ortery, not only will you increase speed to market, you have the ability to capture your products as professional stills, interactive 360, 360 videos, hemispherical and full spherical formats using a solution that can eliminate the need to edit in Photoshop. Simply place, preview and begin.

Automate and capture the best quality images for your catalog or website in minutes with little to no photography experience required.

Example of Amazon listing photos taken with Ortery equipment

Footwear is our specialty

With over 15,000+ Customers, Ortery has pioneered photo automation in the footwear industry, working with marketers and merchandisers to create hardware and software enhancements that help capture your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.

Interactive 360 Product Views

Create interactive content for your website

Automate the creation of standard 360 product views or get creative by providing annotations, deep zoom, hot spots, hyperlinks and more on the 360 product views you create.

Many of Ortery’s 360 product photography solutions can capture images and create 360 product views on a pure white or transparent background, eliminating the extra work involved with image editing.

Create 3D Footwear Animations

Beyond still images and 360 rotations

With Ortery’s 3D product photography solutions in combination with a 360 turntable such as the 3D PhotoBench 280, you can capture hemispherical and spherical, interactive footwear images and animations with ease. This enhances your customer's ability to interact with the dynamic 3D views of your product for a truly next level experience.

Create Lifestyle Footwear Videos

Beyond the product, capture the experience

Provide context for your customer. Seeing the product on a real person speaks volumes and helps sell in a way that static images by themselves cannot. Enhance your product gallery by adding videos in. With Ortery’s LiveStudio you can integrate this feature in combination with any set up easily.

Important features for footwear photography

  • One program controls everything: lighting, camera settings, image capture, editing & batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • Take Web-ready product shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Capture 360/3D product views. Display them on any device.
  • Create 360 product videos.
  • Memorize and Re-use Best Light and Camera Settings
  • Image Consistency
  • Use a Custom Defined Workflow and Multiple Camera Control to repeatedly capture the same angles
  • Take a picture with several items inside. Image Separation automatically identifies each item in the photograph and saves them individually.
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support
product photography

“Ortery’s software made a photographer out of me! It was simple to learn and use. I can easily batch all of the images I need for online and in a fraction of the time.”

sam m.

Olem Shoes

Your next picture could be of anything,
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