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Photograph home decor images for web

Capture perfect photos of your home decor inventory for use in your catalogue or eCommerce website. Our hardware and software syncs up with your workflow to streamline your process. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views, capture your images with Ortery - perfect, every time.

Cleaning house

get products online and in shopper’s carts

To get over the hurdle of a mom and pop ecommerce shop to the ranks of the competitive enterprise market there are certain realities to face; if you have thousands, or even hundreds, of products there is no way that you can conveniently , effectively and efficiently master your product photography manually. Photomation is a trade secret in the enterprise sphere, something that Ortery has been a part of since the infancy of the ecommerce boom.

The ability to simplify product photography by capturing web-ready images that require little or no post production in a consistent and repeatable manner is what Ortery brings to your business. Buyers will be able to view stunning HD photos, video and 360 degree views of your home and decor products allowing them to envision your wares on the walls and mantles of their own home. Clean up your manual photography solution with Ortery’s help today!

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Home Decor Pillow Product Photos

Streamline Your Still Product Photography

  •     Software-driven Photography
  •     Controlled Lighting
  •     Take Web-ready Photos on Pure  White and Transparent Backgrounds
  •     Re-use Best Studio & Camera Settings
  •     Batch Editing & Saving
  •     No additional Editing or Photoshop Necessary!

Interactive 360 Product Views

Export interactive media for your website

Create standard 360 product views or go in-depth by providing annotations, deep zoom, audio and hyperlinks on 360 product displays created with TruView 360.

Many of Ortery’s 360 product photography solutions can capture images and create 360 product views on a pure white background, eliminating the extra work involved with image editing.

No product too big or small!

With over 20 unique product photography solutions, Ortery can accommodate almost any size and type of home decor product you need photographed. Ortery has pioneered product photography automation for still, 360 and 3D output, working with marketers, photographers and merchandisers to create software enhancements that help capture your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.

Save Time

Save Time

Ortery has spent years finding ways to accelerate product photography. Not acceleration for acceleration’s sake, but for creating the fastest, repeatable workflow that produces the best photographs for any project.

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Ortery background image showing ClothingPad in use

Better, Faster

Ortery solutions are designed to simply do more, faster while providing complete control of the important photography variables for a more consistently efficient workflow.

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In it for the long-haul

No matter what the application entails, Ortery's cutting-edge hardware and software contains all the features and output options your company will need for the next 10 years.

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Important Features for Photographing Home Decor

  • Integrated Hardware and Software – One program controls everything: lighting, camera settings, image capture, editing & batch saving.
  • The Right Light and Lighting Contro
  • Create Web-ready product shots on pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Communicate more effectively with 360 or 3D interactive product views and video
  • Image Consistency easily line up your next shot with a previous shot
  • Focus Stacking ensures every pixel of your photograph is in focus

“I used the PhotoCapture 360 turntable with my own lighting to create over 1,000 spinning product views. The software performed flawlessly and was easy to use.”

Ramon Gellida

Professional Photographer

Your next picture could be of anything,
so we created a solution for shooting everything!




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