The Infinity Series

Ortery's combination of user-friendly hardware and software enables any employee to create 360 product views in seconds. The integrated software provides full control over 360 movement and animation look and feel. If you're looking to demonstrate your products more effectively and increase conversions when selling online through eCommerce, then 360 product photography is the way to do it!


Software Controlled & Bottom-Lit Turntables

An Streamlined, All-In-One 360 Product Photography Solution for Maximum Throughput & Efficiency.

The all new Infinity Series boasts the latest & greatest in product photography hardware & software. Each solution is equipped with 90 CRI LED lighting, and a heavy duty motorized 360 turntable. As with all Ortery solutions, Infinity systems are controlled by software which lets users control camera functionality/settings, lighting, and turntable movement.

Although the Infinity Series solutions range in size, price and weight capacity, each system has been rigorously designed with the same common goal; to make product photography easier, faster and more efficient.




Create 360 product photos & videos on pure white for Amazon, eCommerce or any other online platform. Use the 360 photography software workflows to automate bottom lighting, turntable movement, image capture, editing and stitching. It’s easy. No limits or monthly fees. You own it. Unbeatable service and support.

Size:  50 X 60.6 X 18
Platform Diameter:  39.4”
Weight Capacity:  70 lbs

Infinity Stand
The Ortery Infinity Studio 360L is a large, software controlled, bottom lit model and mannequin photography turntable for creating 360 product photos and videos.

Infinity 360L


Create 360 degree animations of large objects, live models or mannequins with this heavy duty, 360 product photography system. Rotating and interactive 360 product shots leads to more sales and less returns. It's simple. The bottom-lit motorized turntable, 360 photography software and a compatible camera work together to seamlessly capture pictures and turn them into professional quality 360 product views and videos.

Size:  59.1 X 59.1 X 13.8”
Platform Diameter53.1"
Weight Capacity:  440 lbs

Take Product Shots on a
Pure White Background


Since Amazon made product shots on pure white a requirement, our systems have been in high demand. With dimmable LED lighting control from mulple angles, Ortery light boxes and software make eCommerce product photography fast and easy. Image consistency and high throughput are also benefits of using software to control the entire product photography worfklow.

Take Product Shots on a
Transparent Background


Automaticaly knocking out backgrounds while taking the pictures saves time and money.  All still shot and many of Ortery’s 360 product photography solutions can capture images and create 3D and 360 product views on a transparent background.
Just add a background color or a background image to take your product display to a whole new level.

Infinity Studio 2000


The Infinity Studio 2000 is a 360 degree product photography solution for capturing and stitching product photos into interactive rotating 360 product displays for the web. The software-controlled 70 lb capacity turntable along with its adjustable top, back and bottom lighting work together to create an extremely fast and repeatable workflow for shooting models and large objects.

Size:  70.1 X 60.6 X 69.8”
Platform Diameter:  39.4"
Weight Capacity:  70 lbs

The Ortery Infinity Studio 2000 is a software controlled, product photography system with a bottom-lit turntable for creating 360 product photos on a pure white or transparent background.
Ortery Infinity 4000 Studio - Still and 360 Product Photography Solution for eCommerce

Infinity Studio 4000


This software-controlled, full size 360 photography light booth features built-in professional LED studio lighting, (top, bottom, front, back) and a motorized turntable. The integrated software controls the entire workflow which allows users to efficiently compose, capture, process and save professional still, video and 360 product images directly from the comfort of your Mac or PC. Since the fine LED lighting can be controlled from multiple angles, users can capture color-accurate images on transparent and pure white backgrounds quick and easy, without the use of an editing software.

Size:  85 X 65 X 96.5”
Platform Diameter:  53.1''
Weight Capacity:  440 lbs

Hardware & Accessories

Our Infinity 360 turntables are fully battle-tested, built to last and offer industry leading hardware features and options, including:

  • LiveStudio LED Lighting
  • Product Stands and 360 Hanging Kits
  • Solutions for Holding Backpack and Purse Straps
  • Wobble-free Technology
  • Easy Product Centering
  • Extremely Accurate Rotation
  • Turntable Leveling Capabilities
  • Integrated Hosting for Automatic Cloud Saving
  • Fast Capture Speed

Create Interactive 360 Product Views

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Output Possibilities


With each 360 turntable and included software you can create: Stills, 360 Animations, Videos, Animated GIF, Custom Defined Sequences, Fans, Focus Stacked Images, Close Ups and more


  • HTML5, GIF
  • MOV, MP4

Easy Integration

Create Amazon listings with still and 360 photos or videos from Ortery Technologies

Produce photo, video and interactive content perfect for websites, social media, eCommerce, Amazon and more.

360 degree animations play on all platforms and browsers:

  • Fully responsive
  • Optimized for mobile viewing

Plugins and HTML5 Implementation Guide included.

saas photo

Save, Host & Share

Automatically SHOOT & upload content to the web

With this integrated solution, you can save images, 360 animations and videos you create directly to the cloud where they can be quickly shared via email, displayed on a web page or used inside an eCommerce website. SAAS Photo is the most efficient way to go from image capture to online product display.

Engaging Product Views

Add excitement to your website with HD imagery & 360 views, allowing customers a tactile experience via rotate, pan and zoom capability.