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Ecommerce Images Keeping It Organized

Keeping Your Ecommerce Images Organized – Was getting organized a new year resolution for you? It felt so great when you cleaned out your closet and could actually find what you were looking for. That feeling probably led you to continue that process in other places in your life, making your daily tasks have a better workflow. This very concept applies to your photo inventory. Ecommerce retailer and distributor depend on their photos to communicate their product. Staying organized is really important to save time, money, and resources. It is a simple change that makes such a difference. Here are 3 steps add to your workflow that Ortery Technologies recommends you take.

1. Crope Shape

The very first thing to do is to have all your images cropped to the shape you need them to be before saving. If you know you need to take pictures in a square shape for your site or other retail sites, set your crop shape to the appropriate one. Once done make it the default setting for all your product shots. This ends the need for multiple editing techniques and wasting time.

2. Naming Convention

Using a naming convention that suits your business is key. We recommend that you start with the product name, inventory number, or barcode and follow it up with version numbers. Another beneficial point to take into consideration is the angle of the picture. If you are taking pictures of one item with four 4 different views (top, side, back, front) then the add it to the file name. Lastly, your file name should not have periods, spaces, or special characters (e.g., single quotes, double quotes, #, $, %, &, etc.) Here is a great resource for file naming and versioning we found by Research Data Services.

3. Saving Format

The saving format has two factors. First the image size and the second is the file type.

The image type. Ortery recommends all eCommerce business save their images in the following sizes:

  • Original
  • 100 – for thumbnail images
  • 300 – for ad spaces, social media, and other commonly used spaces for marketing
  • 500 – perfect for product pictures
  • 800 – great for “click here for a larger view” display image
  • Special sizes that you may need for archival or marketing purposes. For example, Amazon requires and 1000 wide image


The file type. Knowing where you are gong to post your image be sure you are saving them in the correct format such as JPG, PNG, RAW, etc.

If you haven’t done so already, start using cloud-based tools to share and save documents. For example,Google Drive and Dropbox lets you store up to a certain amount of space for free while giving clients or colleagues access to collaborate. By housing files in the cloud, you can help clean up your personal storage, as well as save valuable time spent emailing documents back and forth when collaborating with others.

Too much clutter can add to daily stress and chaos. When your files are clean and uncluttered, you’ll enjoy spending time at your desk and won’t waste time searching through junk or moving files around. This allows for a better workflow and streamlines your photo taking, saving, and uploading process.

Here at Ortery Technologies we offer a solution that not only takes care of all of these points but provides you a full solution for setting up, taking the picture, saving it in multiple formats, and instantly uploading to your website with all of our products. Click on the button below to get more information.