Major Updates with New Product Photography Software Release – Ortery Capture Version 11

Ortery Product Photography Software Latest Release Version 11Here are just a few of the latest product photography workflow advancements:


Automatic Background Removal

Further development and optimization of our automatic background removal capabilities.  The AutoMask* feature allows users to take pictures and automatically knock out the background, saving time and money on post-production.  Advancements were made in three major areas:

  • Increased Speed
    Background removal speed for both still shot and 360 degree image capture increased by 44% and 36%, respectively (measured on 3D PhotoBench 280)
  • Increased Accuracy
    With the goal of ‘zero’ customer interaction, AutoMask seamlessly fits into the existing software interface. The combination of 'Presets' and 'Fine Tune' capabilities allow it to work well for products of all types.
  • Retaining a Natural Shadow
    While knocking out the background, AutoMask can separate and keep a ‘Natural Shadow’.

Note: The AutoMask feature is not available on all Ortery equipment

Faster Image Capture and Processing Workflows
  • Batch Editing
    Automatically apply editing actions to images while saving
  • Direct Image Export
    Take pictures and automatically save or send them to a specific location or application
  • QuickShot Mode
    Dramatically increases 360 image capture speed

New Features for eCommerce Professionals
  • Add and manage image MetaData
  • New video editing features
  • Added Deep Zoom capabilities to 360 animation output
  • Enhanced Highlight Alert capabilities
  • Optimized Editing features related to Margins, Curves and Area Selection


New Product Support

Version 11 provides support for several new Ortery products.

  • DualView 600 – Creates 360 animations with two rows
  • LiveStudio LS-150 – Software controlled LED photography studio lights, stands and softboxes
  • PhotoCapture 360S – 360 Turntable for medium sized products – 100 lbs. capacity
  • 360 Jewelry – 360 Turntable with fine motor control for capturing 360s of hanging jewelry
  • PhotoBench Air – Loose stone & diamond light box and photography software
  • PhotoBench 80 (updated) – Professional jewelry light box and photography software
  • The Infinity Series – Bottom lit turntables and lighting options for larger products


Now Compatible with Canon EOS R Mirrorless Cameras

Version 11 offers new camera support. Customers can now start using Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras.


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