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Controlled lighting for consistent results

Ortery’s systems help Timex develop products, take photos for web, and record packaging and point of sale material mockups for production across multiple departments.

“What’s great about Photosimile is that it’s all set up and ready for people to use when they need to take a picture.”

“The fact that you can easily email the images right from the station to yourself or to others completes its utility. With suppliers, manufacturers and distributors all around the world, effective communication is very important and a picture is the ideal format to communicate.”

Richard J. Greene

Timex’s Manager of Interactive Marketing

Improving Efficiency

Beyond the product, capture the experience

Pam Steel, Timex’s Graphic Design Manager added: “Photosimile continues to help us in developing product, taking quick photos for the web, or recording packaging/ point-of sale material mockups before they’re put into production, and more and more departments are finding a use for it. This self-serve photography frees up our in-house photographer to focus on higher end photography of final product for TIMEX catalogs and point of sale material.

Although the dollar value of this is difficult to measure, we know it has improved the quality of the images everyone takes, it saves time and eliminates the stress of those last minute photos which contributes to the overall efficiency of our organization.”

Your Next Picture Could be of Anything,
So we Created a Solution for Shooting Everything!

2D PhotoBench 120still

Infinity Stand Backlight360

MultiArm 20003d

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