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LiveZoom Series

An Ortery LiveZoom accessory utilizes software, a motor, and a wireless / USB connection to control the zoom on any dSLR lens. Ortery’s unique method of holding, calibrating and accurately moving the lens makes it an efficient tool when manual zooming is too slow, out of reach or inconvenient. With it, users simply zoom in / out by moving a slider in the software. LiveZoom can be used on a variety of Ortery solutions. The photography software can remember and reuse zoom, camera, lighting and turntable settings to create a repeatable and consistent photography environment.


Use the Ortery LiveZoom accessory for top shots on a PhotoBench 150, 180 or 280. It provides a stable shooting platform and software-controlled zoom control that is perfect for shooting shoes, purses and other items that require a great top shot. As the products are swapped in and out of the studio, it’s easy to zoom in / out to preset locations. For best top shot results, use it with an Ortery Ring Light.


LiveZoom for ClothingPad

By nature, the ClothingPad and flat lay photography holds the camera out of the reach for most users, making manual zoom a challenge. Wireless zooming with an Ortery LiveZoom accessory makes it easy to quickly zoom in / out to capture apparel and fashion accessories in a flat lay format. In addition, it also eliminates the possibility of lens creep, where the camera lens automatically zoom in in due to gravity.


LiveZoom for 3D MultiArms

With multiple cameras in simultaneous use, controlling dSLR zoom remotely, via software makes using a MultiArm easier and faster. No more getting on a step ladder to find the ideal zoom.

LiveZoom technology is also used on Ortery’s XYZpod and XYZpod Plus products for automated video capture and sequencing.


Engaging Product Views

Add excitement to your website with HD imagery & 360 views, allowing customers a tactile experience via rotate, pan and zoom capability.