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Ortery reviews Canon EOS R8

Ortery reviews Canon EOS R8

Canon's mirrorless camera lineup has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, with models like the EOS R, EOS R5 and R6 Mark II quickly becoming a favorite among photographers and videographers. Now, Canon has introduced the EOS R8, a more budget-friendly option that shares many of the high-end features and capabilities found in the R6 Mark II. In this article, we'll explore the Canon R8 and what makes it an attractive choice for enthusiasts and semi-professionals who are looking for a powerful mirrorless camera without breaking the bank.

Familiar Features and Similarities of the EOS R8 and EOS R6 Mark II

The Canon EOS R8 brings a lot to the table, and its key features bear a striking resemblance to the R6 Mark II. Both cameras bolster:

Camera Sensor and Image Quality

Both the EOS R8 and R6 Mark II use the same full-frame image sensor. While this sensor may not have the pixel count of some higher-end models, it's a tried-and-true performer that delivers exceptional image quality with remarkable detail and low-light performance.

Canon EOS R8 Camera Sensor

Final Image Resolution

With both cameras using the same image sensor and DIGIC X processor, the output and maximum still image resolution for the cameras is near identical for product photography. Both cameras have an effective 24.2 MP output.

Autofocus System

The Canon EOS R8 inherits the Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system, which is renowned for its speed and accuracy. It covers nearly 100% of the frame, providing fast and reliable focus even in challenging situations such as transparent, oddly shaped, or moving products.

Videography Speed and Quality

The Canon R8 boasts 4K video recording at up to 60 frames per second, making it a solid choice for videographers. It also includes C-Log and HDR PQ video options, providing more flexibility for post-processing and high dynamic range video. This means faster product videos at higher resolutions.

High-Speed Burst Mode

The R8 features a burst rate matching the R6 Mark II at 40 frames per second in electronic shutter mode. This makes it suitable for capturing fast-moving subjects, even in action-packed scenes in lifestyle photography.

Tethered Camera Control

When the Canon EOS R8 was tested on an Ortery lightbox, the Ortery photography software was able to control the camera and all Ortery features worked as expected. We are confident that Ortery customers can use the Canon EOS R8 with their Ortery system to streamline all product photography and visual content creation workflows.

Canon EOS R8 Camera Computer Controlled

What separates the EOS R8 from the R6 Mark II?

The Canon EOS R8 provides almost the same performance and features at a more affordable price point than its higher-end sibling, the EOS R6 Mark II. To achieve this affordability, there are some differences to consider.


In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)

One of the standout features of the R6 Mark II, IBIS, is not present in the R8. This technology compensates for camera shake and is a game-changer for handheld shooting during lifestyle model shots or when using longer telephoto lenses.


The R8 features an electronic viewfinder with a slightly lower resolution than the R6 Mark II. This results in a minor difference in the quality of the view through the EVF, but it remains perfectly serviceable.

Weather Sealing

The Canon R8, though well-constructed, doesn't offer the same level of weather sealing as the R6 Mark II. While it can handle light rain and dust, it's not as rugged as its more expensive counterpart.

Battery Life

The Canon R8's battery life is shorter than the R6 Mark II's, which means you may need to carry an extra battery for extended shooting sessions. Short battery life may delay long term product shooting with Ortery equipment.


The Canon EOS R8 is a commendable addition to the Canon mirrorless camera lineup, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to the R6 Mark II while retaining many of its key features. For enthusiasts and semi-professionals, the EOS R8 strikes an excellent balance between affordability and performance, making it a strong choice for product photography and videography.

While there are minor differences between the EOS R8 and the R6 Mark II, they are largely overshadowed by the considerable cost savings. The EOS R8 is well-suited for photographers getting started with a new Ortery studio who prioritize image quality, a reliable autofocus system, and the ability to capture impressive 4K video without the need for the highest resolution sensor or top-tier weather sealing.

In the end, the Canon EOS R8 serves as an accessible entry point into Canon's high-quality mirrorless camera ecosystem, giving users the opportunity to exceptional content creation on Ortery solutions without breaking the bank. Whether you're a budding photographer looking to take your craft to the next level or a videographer seeking a capable 4K camera, the Canon EOS R8 is a compelling option to consider. Ortery is proud continue to support and recommend Canon's latest cameras including the new Canon EOS R8.