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Ortery Secret Sauce | New Customer Spotlight

Over the last 19 years, we have prided ourselves on our proactive and voracious approach to innovating product photography systems that are designed to solve problems. Typically, the rule of thumb to staying ahead of the Jones’s is to keep a close eye on market trends and to look for any potential pain-points that may garner residual opportunities. While that route is generally always a part of the process, the Ortery secret sauce for growth and product development has always been listening to the folks that are hands-on with our equipment every day; our customers. Needless to say, this process has not only helped us build the most diverse lineup of product photography solutions in the industry but has made us better as a company overall. It is an absolute honor to work with some of the most successful brands across a multitude of industries, and with that we’d like to highlight a few of the newest additions to the Ortery family!


New Ortery Customers 2019: Beyond Meat, Verizon, Zippo, GIA



Ortery lets you streamline product photography, while increasing the quantity and quality of images.  Whether you are looking to automate still, 360 videos, 360 or 3D photography, our patented lighting studios and 360 turntables will help propel your company’s product imagery to the next level.

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