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Ortery Launches Version 19


Ortery announces Version 19 of its Ortery Capture product photography software.
New features help customers increase product photography efficiency and get more done.
Check them out and upgrade below.

Please note that both compatible cameras and system requirements have changed with v.19.


Fine Tune Control

For Glassware Kit

Added fine tune controls allows users to precisely control the level of transparency for glassware and now the stand mask.

Create stunning, true to life images of glassware by precisely controlling reflections and contour of the product.

Reflections Tool

Upgraded reflection tool allows for more precise user control enabling users to enhance their product photography by adding dimension and depth.

Blur & Duplicate Tool

Blur tool allows for spot correction to improve the appearance of small product blemishes. Duplicate tool creates replicas of products within a single image for new, captivating ways to display products.

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Added Templates

For Video Sequencing on OPM

Video capture templates added to Video Sequencing for the Office Photography Machine (OPM).

Easily capture & stitch products views even faster now with preloaded video templates. These templates control the zoom, tilt, and height of the camera in perfect sync with turntable movements.

AutoMask Enhanchements

Ortery’s AutoMask allows users to take a picture and automatically remove the background in one step. In Version 16, several new features were created to make AutoMask even more powerful.

New AutoMask Uses and Features

  • When in AutoMask Recovery, hold 'Shift' and drag the eraser tool over a product mask for precise line control on the x or y-axis. This shortcut also works with the brush tools.
  • Added 'feather' option to blur, smooth, and brush tools for softer product photography edits.

Upgrade to Version 19 today and enjoy free upgrades for the next 365 days.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, Contact Us Today.

Ortery Technologies is the industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of professional product photography solutions that automate inhouse photography and video production. Their solutions allow anyone to capture and display eCommerce, video, 3D and 360 product photos.  Ortery customers benefit from specialized hardware and software working together to simplify and accelerate every step of the content creation workflow.