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New Product | 2D PhotoBench 100

Desktop Product Photography Light Box Small Object Photography Solution 2D PhotoBench 100Ortery Technologies is proud to announce the latest product in its PhotoBench Series, the 2D PhotoBench 100. This new Product Photography Solution features a software controlled photography workflow and dimmable LED lights so users can instantly take pictures on pure white backgrounds for use on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms. In addition, the photography software can automatically strip out the background to create pictures with transparent backgrounds in PNG file format.  This cutting edge, yet simple to use, product photography solution requires no photography experience. Anyone can use it to streamline product photography to take 100’s of web-ready product shots per day.

The 2D PhotoBench comes with life-time technical support, 1-year of free software-upgrades, a 1-year warranty and free product training.

Click here to learn more about the all new 2D PhotoBench 100.
2D PhotoBench 100 ultimate Desktop Product Photography Solution with dimmable LED light controls Small Object Photography Solution