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Product Photography Services by Ortery

Ortery Technologies, the leader and pioneer in manufacturing professional product photography solutions has officially teamed up with Walmart. Walmart's retail partners now have easy access to the fastest, most efficient and highest quality product photography services on the market.

Product Photography Services Available to Walmart Partners


Still Photography

Still product shots in JPG / PNG / TIFF and RAW for eCommerce photos, business communication and more. Still photos can be shot on a pure-white, transparent, or color background of your choosing.


360 Photography

Make your products interactive with our 360 photography service. Images are shot in a set range of angles, then stitched into 360 degree product views in HTML5, video or GIF format. 


3D Photography

Ortery uses multiple cameras to create interactive 3D product views in hemispherical & spherical formats. Offer product views from every angle with deep zoom, hotspots & more.

Let Your Pictures do the Talking®

Ortery uses its own patented line of product photography equipment and software solutions to help small and large retailers show their eCommerce products in the best light (literally) . Ortery systems can take 100's to 1,000's of professional product shots per day with exceptional quality and consistency. The still, 360, video and 3D results can be used for eCommerce photos, social media, product development, quality control and more.

Ortery ClothingPad designed for flat-laay product photography and uses software to control its dimming LED lighting

Get Product Shots on a
Pure White Background

eCommerce photos - Beats Headphones

Since Amazon made product shots on pure white a requirement, our services have been in high demand. With dimmable LED lighting control from multiple angles, Ortery light boxes and software make eCommerce product photography fast and easy. Image consistency and high throughput are also benefits of using software to control the entire product photography worfklow.

Get Product Shots on a
Transparent Background


Automaticaly knocking out backgrounds while taking the pictures saves time and money.  All still shot and many of Ortery's 360 product photography services can capture images and create 3D and 360 product views on a transparent background.
We can even add a background color or a background image to take your product display to a whole new level.

Get 360 Product Views for As Low As $35 Per Item

No job too big or small. We are happy to assist with any of  your product photography needs. If you're not entirely sure what your needs are, our in-house team of experts can still help get you pointed in the right direction!