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Jerome’s Furniture Touts Ecommerce Benefits of 360 Furniture Photography

From neat and niche, to a must-have essential, 360 furniture photography solutions have grown immensely popular with online retailers over the last few years, and for good reason. Providing an interactive online furniture shopping experience that gives potential customers the ability to meticulously view sofas, loveseats and recliners from any angle using a desktop or smartphone is convenient and cool.

"We've been using the PhotoCapture 360 (Stage) for just over a year now and have seen amazing customer response in how they can view our products now. We integrated the 360 product captures into our website and gave customers the ability to view products from all angles, something traditional photography doesn't do. And because it's simple and quick to use, it fit seamlessly into our workflow.”

- Sam Griffiths, Director of Advertising | Jerome's Furniture

In eCommerce, every industry can benefit from showing 360 photos of thier products. For the furniture industry, however, the challenge is product size and weight.  Specifically made for 360 furniture photography, Jeromes is doing an excellent job utilizing a PhotoCapture 360 Stage which offers a 118" diameter platform and 1,322 lbs weight capacity.  Pictures are captured in sync with turntable movement and software controls the entire process to make capture workflows fast and easy.

"It is an absolute pleasure to get customer feedback from household names like Jerome's Furniture and to catch a glimpse of their 360 photography success in their TV commercials and on thier website" said Sam Shearer, Managing Director, Ortery Technologies, Inc.

Ortery Technologies has been leading the 360 product photography revolution since the introduction of their first turntable in 2006. From jewelry to furniture, they offer the most versatile line of software controlled 360 product photography turntables on the market.

Choose from the following types of still and 360 photography systems:


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