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Color Conversion Tool

Color Conversion Tool

Color Conversion is feature that allows customers to efficiently change one or more colors inside a captured image. Applications include: color matching, color correction or creating new colorways.

Applications of Color Conversion

Spot Color Conversion

Certain colors will always be difficult to capture and spot color corrections can reduce or eliminate returns. Make sure the colors you show potential customers are as accurate as possible.

Color Conversion Tool

Product Development

Which colorway will sell best? During product development, use targeted color adjustments to test, and evaluate.

Color Conversion Tool

eCommerce Listings

For eCommerce, Color Conversion allows companies to take one professional picture then use it to efficiently create variations in different colors.

Color Conversion Tool

Benefits of Color Conversion

  • Accurate color
  • Reduce eCommerce returns
  • Determine which colors sell best
  • Save time and increase website consistency. Take one picture and use it to display all available colors

Features of Color Conversion

  • Fine color selection and control. Hold certain colors fixed while changing others
  • Intuitive, click and drag interface
  • Live Preview makes it easy to ensure the colors in the picture match the original product
  • Correct a still image then apply the changes to 360 and 3D sequences
  • Colors can be expressed in RGB, HSP and LAB units
  • Use Profiles to quickly and consistently make specific color changes
  • Use three scientific methods to change color characteristics
Color Conversion Tool

Ortery Can Help

Use Color Conversion with Ortery’s Swatch feature to communicate all available color options in your product listings.




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