PhotoSimile 50

eCommerce Photo Light Box and Software

This tabletop photo light box offers uniform fluorescent lighting (6500K) and product photography software to accelerate image capture. Enabled features help simplify the product photography workflow and increase image consistency. Included product photography software controls a compatible camera and the lights inside the studio (on/off) to automate image capture, processing, editing and saving. Place objects inside and use the software to compose and take pictures. Quickly output product shots in JPG, TIFF, PNG and RAW.

  • Dimensions

    24 x 24 x 28"

  • Weight

    30 lbs

  • Max Object Size

    Top Shots: 16 x 23"
    Side shots: 20 x 20 x 24"

  • Lighting

    Florescent Tubes
    15,000 hour Lifespan

The Right Light Box

  • 24 x 24 x 28” photography light box
  • Product photography software
  • Lighting
    • 8 Fluorescent (6500K) tubes
    • Separate light control from front, rear and back lights
    • Consistent and uniform lighting
    • 15,000 hour lamp life
  • Flexible design
    • Comes assembled
    • Top and side shot capabilities
    • Lite for mobility
    • Easy disassembly
    • Built in power and USB ports for adding a PhotoCapture 360 turntable
  • Fabric door cover keeps contaminate light out
  • Clear product stand and white side shot background included
  • Adjustable legs for levelling

Nike Shoe

Benefits and Industry Use

Ortery light box and photography software work together to make product photography simple and fast. Perfect for:

  • eCommerce Websites
  • Business Communication
  • Product Development
  • Quality Control, Archival and more…

The Right Workflow

  • Software controls camera and light settings for image capture, then automates picture editing, processing and saving
  • Simply place an object inside, use the software and real time preview to adjust camera and light settings until the real time preview looks great. Click Snap to take the picture. Picture appears on monitor screen and is ready for automatic batch editing, processing and saving
  • Create side shots with pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF and PNG files
  • Easy to learn and use

Tabletop Product Photography Light Box

“Photography is performed by undergraduate students and the Photosimile system has ensured we get publishable images every time. We have taken over 80,000 images using Ortery equipment”

Patricia Ormerod - LOA Manager

The Laboratory of Archaeology, Department of Anthropology, UBC


Find the right fit for your needs. Select the right size for your product with the features you require, we can help you take the types of pictures you need.