Why a 360 Photo Turntable from Ortery is Your Best Choice

Considering which 360 photography turntable to purchase? Look no further. Ortery manufactures several lines of product photography turntables including stand alone, bottom lit and all-in-one solutions for products of all sizes. Software controls the entire 360 creation workflow to automate, simplify and save you time at each step. 360 animations and videos are great at communicating product value. Get started today.

Ortery released its first 360 photography turntable in 2006 and we've continuously pushed the evelope ever since.


The Right Business Model

You buy it. You own it. No annual fees. Each turntable comes with 360 photo software, free technical support and 1 year of free software upgrades.


We are the Manufacturer

We are not reselling photography turntables made by another company. Our 360 turntables and software are designed and made in-house.


360 Photo Software

Our photo software lets you control a compatible camera, lights and turntable movement for automatic 360 capture, editing and stitching.

ortery-photocapture-360-small-product-photography-turntable-boot copy

The Best Design –
No Cutting Corners

Extremely Accurate

Multi-speed. Multi-direction

Support Wheels that eliminate wobble

Fast Rotation

Easy product centering. Unlike others, the center is clearly marked

Adjustable legs for leveling

Included & optional platform covers, colors & sizes

Easily attach accessories to achieve specific tasks:


  • Support & Lifting
  • Create Hanging 360's

Software Controlled 360 Photography
A 360 photo turntable from Ortery can automate the entire 360 photography workflow. Save and re-use your best settings to simplify the process and increase efficiency. Create 100’s of 360 Animations and 1000’s of product shots per day!


Speed Advantages
Turntable speed is just the beginning. The devil is in the details. Ortery systems help you gain speed advantages throughout the workflow.

  • Quickly center your products
  • Take 360 photos or video
  • Edit, Stitch and Save your results
  • Efficiently put 360 photos and stitched animations on a server or in the cloud for hosting and sharing
  • Consistently place your next product
  • Automatically pull frames for specific use
  • Simultaneously save images for multi-channel use
  • Use the best technologies available to ensure your creations can be viewed anywhere, as fast as possible

Stand alone 360 Turntables of Every Size

The Best HTML Stitching Methods

Easily create the look and feel you want.  Customize and optimize desktop and mobile viewing.

  • Deep Zoom and Hotspots
  • WebP format to really speed things up!
  • Automatically spin and view products to a specific angle
  • Buttons to make ‘Sharing’ on Social Media easy
  • Choose from several Spin and Magnification types
  • Add Watermarks, Annotations and much, much more

Unlimited Use and Deployment

Easily create 360 product content for websites, social media and internal communication.

Quickly save to the cloud using FTP or SAAS Photo (optional) for sharing or hosting.

Free Plug-ins for Shopify and Magento. Free HTML implementation guides, training and tech support.

A 360 Turntable is Just the Beginning

Owning a 360 turntable from Ortery opens the door to creating amazing product displays


•  Interactive 360 Animations
•  360 Videos
•  Dynamic Videos
•  360 GIFs
•  Sequences of Still Shots (using multiple cameras)
•  DualView Product Displays
•  Interactive 3D Animations

For Even Better Results, Try Our Bottom Lit 360 Turntables!

These patented, edge driven 360 turntables do everything listed above, just faster.... and with built-in lighting, they automatically create 360 product shots on a pure white or transparent background.

Better lighting control eliminates unnecessary editing. No overexposing. No wrap-around light. Just better results at every angle.


Engaging Product Views

Add excitement to your website with HD imagery & 360 views, allowing customers a tactile experience via rotate, pan and zoom capability.