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By ortery | 19th February 2015


Ecommerce Images Keeping It Organized

Keeping Your Ecommerce Images Organized – Was getting organized a new year resolution for you? It felt so great when you cleaned out your closet and could actually find what you were looking for. That feeling probably led you to continue that process in other places in your life, making your daily tasks have a…

By ortery | 16th February 2015


Ortery Shares Canon’s New Product Announcement

Ortery Technologies has had a long standing relationship with Canon Cameras. Over the years, we have been very impressed with their innovation and dedication to the photographer’s needs. As technology has advanced so have they. They have one of the world’s most comprehensive selections of camera and lenses to capture amazing stills and stunning video…

By ortery | 12th February 2015


4 Variables to Optimize 360 Product Animations for eCommerce

A frequently asked question at Ortery Technologies is commonly for those clients that are in eCommerce and use 360 product animations, “How many photos should I take to create a good 360 product animation?” We answer by saying, “The goal is to create a 360 product animation that rotates smoothly and downloads fast.” To do…

By ortery | 9th February 2015


Make Your Jewlery Photography Look and Feel Beautiful

Product photography should be the number one or at least high up on your list when it comes to running your jewelry business. As a jewelry retailer or reseller, you make jewelry look and feel beautiful. Yet, how can you accomplish that with just a picture? Without shoppers being able to touch and handle your…

By ortery | 4th February 2015

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need 360 Product Photography

Customers want to see as many pictures of a product as they can before committing to a purchase online. 360 product photography is the latest trend in web and eCommerce imaging. According to Adobe’s “What Shoppers Want Study,” 91 percent of medium to heavy online shoppers say 360-degree photography is a must-have. Here is a…

By ortery | 3rd February 2015


Ortery Technologies Showcased 3D Photography Equipment at the 3D Printer World Expo

Bringing together the biggest names and brightest minds in your 3D design, printing, and molding industry is the 3D Printer World Expo held in Los Angeles, CA. This year’s expo, which took place on January 29-31, 2015 was expanded in both length and scope to meet strong business and consumer demand. Ortery Technologies was an…

By ortery | 28th January 2015

The Next Generation of Office Imaging at CES 2015

With more than 14 years of photography automation experience and holding more than 100 patents worldwide, Ortery Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that the 3D MFP is still considered the next generation in office imaging by it’s visitors, vendors, and customers at the International CES 2015 show. The 3D MFP was showcased at the CES 2015 show with…

By ortery | 26th January 2015

Photography Speed and Accuracy Affects Your Ecommerce Business

Are you listing items on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza or your own web site? Are you still going through the painstaking process of adjusting lighting for each photo, shooting with your digital camera, connecting it to your computer to download, and then spending hours matching up photos with products, renaming files, cropping and editing? All…

By ortery | 23rd January 2015

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Lotus Jewelry Studio Finds Success with Ortery

Quite often Ortery receives an inspiring email from a customer who’s used our product photography solutions to grow their small business. We are honored to be a part of so many success stories and are reminded of our mission to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for producing professional quality images. The following interview highlights…

By ortery | 22nd January 2015

What Attracts New And Repeat Customers To Ortery

Having a large client list, especial one that is made up of many Fortune 500 companies is not achievable by many. Ortery Technologies, an industry leader of patented photography automation solutions, is proud to announce new and repeat customers Nike, Nestle, Disney, and Eastern Skate Supply Ortery was able to maintain and attract such clients…