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By ortery | 14th July 2015

clothing pad

Ortery Lauches The ClothingPad Mini Plus Kits

Ortery Technologies proudly announces the worldwide release of the ClothingPad and ClothingPad Mini Plus Kits. This a new addition to their Clothing Pad line of solutions. These kits allow either ClothingPad solution to stand up vertically, permitting the vertical photography of mannequins, live models, handbags, shoes or other free standing items. The lights come off…

By ortery | 29th June 2015


Ecommerce Business Automation Featuring Jasper

Jasper Studios recently hosted an eCommerce event in Toronto to showcase partners they have worked with to create their new SAAS System that can be used by any eCommerce business. Jasper stated, “As our proud HD and 360° product photography partner, Ortery Technologies has been working with Jasper Studios since 2012 and has supplied equipment to our…

By ortery | 20th May 2015


Image Clarity, Aperture, and Diffraction

At Ortery Technologies we are always looking to expand our photography knowledge and solve problems for our customers. This week we came across an excellent video by Alex Koloskov, that explains diffraction and how it plays a part in macro photography. Here is how we would explain image clarity, aperture, and diffraction. Light travels in…

By ortery | 13th May 2015


How Depth of Field Applies to Product Photography

Understanding what depth of field is and how to control it will allow you to create better photographs that highlight exactly what you want the viewer to see. Have you ever taken a picture of an object that is clear in the front then gets blurry toward the back? Why does that happen? Blurry                        In Focus                        Blurry What…

By ortery | 27th April 2015

camera settings

What is ISO or Light Sensitization In Your camera?

ISO is an acronym for International Standards Organization. This is the main governing body that standardizes sensitivity ratings for the image sensor inside digital cameras. ISO is a term that was carried over from the days of film photography. With today’s new imaging technology, digital cameras have the ability to take a picture then change…

By ortery | 15th April 2015

product tips

3 Simple Product Photography Mistakes

There are many variables involved in taking a professional product shot. While many of them are technical in nature like the camera settings, lighting and so forth, some are simple things that people forget. When shooting product, keep these basic ideas in mind: Clean and Simple Keep everything in the image clean and simple so…

By ortery | 10th April 2015

camera action

Describing Your Products with Video

When it comes to online sales and customer conversion, connecting with your potential customers is the most important element. You need to provide the customer with what they are looking, and what better way than to do it with their eyes by using video. The first step to listing your product has usually been through…

By ortery | 27th March 2015


Google Analytics for eCommerce—What Key Features of eCommerce Business You Need to Know

Through Google analytics, sites are able to have detailed statistics of their site’s traffic as well as traffic sources and then measure its conversations and sales. It is the most used website statistic service because it is very useful when tracking visitors of websites from all referrers, which include search engines, direct visits, referring sites…

By ortery | 17th March 2015

retail ecommerce

3 Important Steps For Starting Your Ecommerce Site

There are so many businesses starting up and trying to make in the online retail and eCommerce space. Many believe that to be successful you need a lot of money and a heavy advertising budget. This is not true! Though it is harder to be successful right from the start, we still think you can…

By ortery | 13th March 2015

what is dpi

What is DPI?

At Ortery Technologies, we have come across many customers who misunderstand DPI. Specifically, they get it mixed up with image resolution and how it is related to printing a digital image. Today we would like to shed some light on this and hopefully make the relationships between these terms clearer. DPI stands for ‘dots per…