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By ortery | 27th March 2015


Google Analytics for eCommerce—What Key Features of eCommerce Business You Need to Know

Through Google analytics, sites are able to have detailed statistics of their site’s traffic as well as traffic sources and then measure its conversations and sales. It is the most used website statistic service because it is very useful when tracking visitors of websites from all referrers, which include search engines, direct visits, referring sites…

By ortery | 17th March 2015

retail ecommerce

3 Important Steps For Starting Your Ecommerce Site

There are so many businesses starting up and trying to make in the online retail and eCommerce space. Many believe that to be successful you need a lot of money and a heavy advertising budget. This is not true! Though it is harder to be successful right from the start, we still think you can…

By ortery | 13th March 2015

what is dpi

What is DPI?

At Ortery Technologies, we have come across many customers who misunderstand DPI. Specifically, they get it mixed up with image resolution and how it is related to printing a digital image. Today we would like to shed some light on this and hopefully make the relationships between these terms clearer. DPI stands for ‘dots per…

By ortery | 4th March 2015

macro photogrphy

Macro Photography Can Make the Sale

Macro photography is an extremely close up photo, usually of very small object, in which an object in the photograph is made to look larger than life size. At Ortery Technologies, we often see our clients use our solutions to show immense details of their products. This ranges from jewelry pieces, gemstones, forensic science samples,…

By ortery | 24th February 2015

file storage

All the Steps for Product Photography

Let’s face it, product photography is not a fun task however it is critical to any business who wishes to communicate physical products online. Not only is product photography tedious, it demands countless man hours – typically from a highly – wage employee who has enough knowledge of photography and the important variables required to…

By ortery | 19th February 2015


Ecommerce Images Keeping It Organized

Keeping Your Ecommerce Images Organized – Was getting organized a new year resolution for you? It felt so great when you cleaned out your closet and could actually find what you were looking for. That feeling probably led you to continue that process in other places in your life, making your daily tasks have a…

By ortery | 16th February 2015


Ortery Shares Canon’s New Product Announcement

Ortery Technologies has had a long standing relationship with Canon Cameras. Over the years, we have been very impressed with their innovation and dedication to the photographer’s needs. As technology has advanced so have they. They have one of the world’s most comprehensive selections of camera and lenses to capture amazing stills and stunning video…

By ortery | 12th February 2015


4 Variables to Optimize 360 Product Animations for eCommerce

A frequently asked question at Ortery Technologies is commonly for those clients that are in eCommerce and use 360 product animations, “How many photos should I take to create a good 360 product animation?” We answer by saying, “The goal is to create a 360 product animation that rotates smoothly and downloads fast.” To do…

By ortery | 9th February 2015


Make Your Jewlery Photography Look and Feel Beautiful

Product photography should be the number one or at least high up on your list when it comes to running your jewelry business. As a jewelry retailer or reseller, you make jewelry look and feel beautiful. Yet, how can you accomplish that with just a picture? Without shoppers being able to touch and handle your…

By ortery | 4th February 2015

shoe store

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need 360 Product Photography

Customers want to see as many pictures of a product as they can before committing to a purchase online. 360 product photography is the latest trend in web and eCommerce imaging. According to Adobe’s “What Shoppers Want Study,” 91 percent of medium to heavy online shoppers say 360-degree photography is a must-have. Here is a…